- Many high quality Japanese Knives for sale, Nakiri, Usuba, Gyuto, Yanagi, Sujihiki, Takohiki, Deba. They are all used but are very sharp. Sharpened recently.
- Sharpening stones:
- Red: Natural, big size, around 2kg, approx. 600 grit
- Grey: Natural, big size, around 2kg, approx. 800 grit
- Kasumi: Double-sided, info on photo

Prices vary on the item.
- 250k-600k for knives
- Red or grey sharpening stone: 350k
- Kasumi: 1,200k

Pick up on Lac Long Quan
O96 88O 19OO (Whatsapp/viber/zalo)
O9O 484 8921 (call/sms)

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O9O 484 8921

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