Xin chao everyone,

I am from Hanoi and have been teaching Yoga internationally for 4 years. I have done 1000hours+ Yoga, Qigong and Taichi, Yoga Therapy training with senior Yoga teachers in the Uk, Australia, France etc, and still seeking for advancing my practice.

My approach to teaching Yoga is that every body has a unique body and conditions which needs a different practice. I encourage students to understand how their body works in order to be able to do self practice easily, which sounds a bit contradicting to the post. However, as one of the main goals of yoga, it is self- understanding in, at first, physical level and can create space for relaxation. I believe that yoga should make you feel good after the first and every session, because it should increase general blood circulation without over tensing and over stretching the body.

I do private lessons (from 1-4 persons) at your place. So if you or your friends are interested, feel free to write me!

Thank you for reading!

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