Inside each of us, there is a storm - a storm made of unresolved emotions and memories. And just like a natural storm, this storm is also uncontrollable and destructive. This is why we want to invite you to our workshop "Heartdance: Dancing with the STORM". Through moving and dancing with the sound of a storm, we will reflect on ourselves and find a way to understand the storm inside each of us.

In this workshop, we will:
- Get to know and connect with other people through movement and elements relating to storms
- Observe, discover, and reflect ourselves in different situations, then realize what's inside us
- Breathe, relax, and stay present together

- Time: 7:15-9:00pm, Sunday 11/08/2019
- Venue: Zenith Yoga Kim Ma, no.2, alley 371 Kim Ma, Ba Đinh, Hanoi
- Link to register:
- Participation fee:

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