Duc is a fabulous chef, who is looking for part-time work for an international family. He has over 20 years experience, including running a restaurant, cooking for many international families (including the Uruguay ambassador), and teaching cooking classes at UNIS. He cooks fabulous western and Vietnamese food, and specializes in making different kinds of breads, BBQ, and even makes delicious granola for us. He can follow any recipe well and is very creative. He is also great at incorporating any dietary restrictions needed. Duc 's English is excellent, and he has also been so helpful with interpreting for us, eg. with the landlord. He does all the shopping and keeps meticulous records of his spending. Unfortunately our work circumstances have recently changed and we will now be travelling a lot, so we are helping him to find another family.

We recommend Duc most highly, and he can be reached at 0912721198. I would be happy to talk with anyone who has questions. My email is julierosen44@gmail.com.

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Posted on Sunday, June 9 by ducpizza



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