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Name: My Dinh National Stadium
Address: , Từ Liêm, Hanoi

Directions: Directly West on Kim Ma past the Daewoo until it becomes Cau Giay and goes under the overpass. The next major street on the left will take you to the stadium complex.

Phone: unknown
21.01894991053969 105.76445817980130
Description: A modern 40,000-seat stadium of international standards built for the 2003 SEA Games.
Rating: 3.75 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 4 reviews.

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4 reviews

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My experience with Nancy has been great. After reading many a horror story about landlords(in general, not just vietnam) I wasn't expecting much in terms of honesty but Nancy came through on just about everything including getting my deposit back at the end of my stay. Anytime I had a problem she...

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ltmagnificent (elite user)
ltmagnificent on My Dinh National Stadium
April 23rd, 2011 at 2:36 am

I used to work acroos the street from My Dinh stadium and have been here once for a football match (they lost 2-0). It was still a lot of fun and the stadium was pretty cool.

I went with two country boys from my English class who had never been anywhere so modern or big. It was great to see their faces light up when they went in. The previous reviewers are correct about the track being a distraction and the food being horrible, but all in all it is not a bad place to spend an evening.

My Dinh Stadium is also the location of one of my favorite Vietnam memories. The great fireworks explosion of the 1000 year anniversary.

I was across the street when it happened (inside the national water palace where my school is lodged). I was in the office when all of a sudden there were three large BOOMS like a cannon going off and the whole building shook.

Then all the women in the office started cheering "sky flowers! sky flowers" and rushed outside.

I followed them and saw that there were some fireworks coming from the stadium, there was also a huge 9-11 style smoke cloud billowing out of it.

While I stood there in shock, the women said "Isn't it exciting?!"

I replied "No, not really; it isn't supposed to look like that, I really hope someone didn't die"

They didn't believe me, but sadly I was right.

CatAttack (elite user)
CatAttack on My Dinh National Stadium
February 26th, 2010 at 6:43 pm

The best stadium in Vietnam for football.
Quoc Gia is modern, relatively clean, and quite big. All the football stadiums I've been to around 'nam all have the track and field around the brim.
I just wish the Hanoi teams still played here, rather than playing at the Cat Linh stadium :(

Newman (elite user)
Newman on My Dinh National Stadium
November 15th, 2009 at 12:54 pm

Went to a game last night at the Stadium. This truly is an international class facility. Watched Vietnam play Syria in Asia Cup qualifier - and lost by 1-0 in stoppage time!!! I would recommend a soccer/football match as a great night out if you get the chance to go with Vietnamese friends.
I happen to live just down the road so makes it very convenient for me, but some people may find it a bit of a hike. We left home at 6pm and were home by 9.30pm so not a massive night out.
A few things to note:
Crowds are let in about half-an-hour before kick off. Watch for pickpockets (keep hands in pockets and valuables in your hands). If carrying a phone, pull it out and hold it up in your hand through the security checks and you will have no troubles. All bags must be checked on the way in. Be careful going in as it is ONE BIG CRUSH and there is potential to get injured.
The vast majority of people did not drink, at all. They come for the game and just or the game. The crowd was very well behaved.
Get a ticket for good seats (have a Vietnamese friend do this if you can).
Do NOT try the food. Just trust me, don't... I concur with the previous review!
Excellent viewing in the stadium. Yes the running track is there but really, not much of an inconvenience.
After the game, sit tight for about 10 minutes and allow the crowd to diperse and you will get out much easier. Eventually the police will advise you to move on anyway.
Outside the stadium, watch for traffic as it is bedlam after the game!
We had a great evening with a fun and lively crowd. Get into the spirit of things and you will enjoy the experience.
I give this 4 stars due to a great night out, the great facilities and the very enjoyable atmosphere.

bartkus (elite user)
bartkus on My Dinh National Stadium
December 17th, 2008 at 10:38 pm

I think taking the chance to see the Vietnamese national team play against one of the ASEAN teams in a meaningful match (I just saw them play Singapore in the Suzuki Cup) is a must do. I'm not much for soccer, but at 10 dollars a pop for really good seats to a major game, it was certainly worth the experience. The impressively modern stadium was packed to the brim with a great crowd - you could see everyone stand up whenever the ball got close to the goal, and there was all sorts of cheering (Vietnamese people doing the Ole Ole Ole chant is among the more incongruous things I've seen in this country) and general good spirit all around.

My only gripes with the stadium are that the seats are separated from the field by a track field, which gives it a collegiate feel, its a damn pain to get to, and the food options are lacking (no vendors prowling the aisles, and the downstairs options are very much the Chernobyl of stadium cuisine, which is already the Chernobyl of regular cuisine). That and people trying to do the wave during exciting parts of the game, which is pretty poor form.

Try to avoid the seats by the aisle, as you'll have to stand to see anything over the hoards that pack in the aisle, to the dismay of the impressively uniformed by largely passive police who are there to keep order. And bring your own beer, because in the stadium it costs 20,000d.

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