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Name: Phuong Nam Travel
Address: 275E Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Saigon
Phone: 083 8389292
10.76831971360923 106.69266629214690
Description: A coach service for Saigon and its surrounds.
Rating: 2 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 1 reviews.

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Au Co Street, Tây Hồ, Hanoi


1 Review
w143 on Phuong Nam Travel
July 19th, 2010 at 10:04 pm

We bought 3 open tour tickets at their office for same day departure, seating bus from Saigon to Mui Ne, sleeper bus from Mui Ne - Hoi An - Hue, . We pointed at the bus waiting outside the office and the pictures in their office that we are buying tickets for the yellow new bus, Phuong Nam Express sleeper bus from Mui Ne to Hue. They ensure us that this is the bus we are getting all the way.

Here are our experiences for each destination:

Saigon - Mui Ne, 1 star: Since the sleeper bus is full on that day, we bought separate seating bus. The bus was 45 minutes late and we were picked up by another bus company. It was a 5 hours bumpy ride due to the age of the bus I guess. There were 3 Vietnamese sleeping on the walk way with hammocks (if there is any emergency, I guess you will have to wait for them to disassemble the hammocks or step over them to get out of the bus)

Mui Ne - Hoi An, 2 stars: We were picked up by the shining yellow Phuong Nam Express new bus ON TIME *happy*. However, all 3 of our sleeper beds were on the top floor, which was not comfortable to sleep due to the shaking bus. 2 of us have to take the seasick pills to avoid headache and vomit. We were dropped off at Nha Trang to change to another bus to Hoi An. We were told by the Nha Trang office staff that we have 10 minutes before the next bus arrives, so we ran over to opposite coffee shop for a VERY quick beef noodle soup as dinner. We got back to the office IN 10 minutes then we waited another 40 minutes at the office before being picked up by a minivan to another bus. They should have arrange it ahead of time so we don't have to rush and 'drink' in the noodle instead of enjoying it. When the minivan arrives at another location, it was an old sleeper bus, not a Phuong Nam Express bus. You can tell that it was converted from a seating bus to a sleeper bus. A good thing was that, even the bus was quite old, it was not as bumpy as the Phuong Nam Express new bus for some reason, at least we could sleep for the overnight bus.

Hoi An - Hue, 1 star: We were told there is NO sleeper bus from Hoi An to Hue, even though we paid for sleeper bus. There is nothing we could do but to accept whatever they 'throw' at us. From Hoi An, the bus is late again, for AN hour! We were forced to wait under 40C weather without air conditioning. The office in Hoi An equipped with a couple fans that used for the staffs only. For customers, it is better outside in the warm wind than inside the office. The bus was a truly old seating bus, no kidding. The bus A/C is not powerful enough for the hot weather and it felt like 30C in the bus, yes, everyone was sweating in the bus. For anyone who traveled this road knows that it goes pass a few hills on the way. Each time the bus went up hill, the driver turned off the A/C, it was very stuffy and hot in the bus. When we reached Hue city, the driver turned off the A/C again for no reason and we thought we should stop anytime soon, but the bus continued for another 20 minutes before it stopped. Again, all passengers were wet from the sweat when we reached the city center.

Phuong Nam Express is more expensive than other bus company in the same area (Pham Ngu Lao). We thought paying more for better bus but we were totally wrong.

Well, we should have listen to advise NOT to take open bus tour. I am not sure how are other bus companies treating their customers, but we are sure that Phuong Nam Express is not looking for return customer.

Luckily we got train tickets from Hue to Hanoi, even though only hard sleeper train were available, but it was so much comfortable then the bus. Of course, it cost more but it was well worth it.

Sorry for the long review :)

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