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We are branch of Vinh Xuan - Ngo Gia Hoang Phap since 1969 in Hanoi and on third generation of Vinh Xuan Martial Arts heritage of Weng chun from Grand Master Tế Công - Chinese Army General (about the same period with Ip Man) to Vietnam. Our first Sifu Grand Master Vietnamese Ngô Sĩ Quý was an education and art teacher passed a new style of Vĩnh Xuân combine with Vietnamese style to Grand Master Hoàng Quốc Toàn (Cardiologist Doctor) and now to Grand Master Tạ Đình Khiêm (Painting Artist). The Martial Art Program has developing and updating continuously from generation to generation with different aspects combines human body insights, mindset and spiritual mind become Art of Martial and Movements. We provide not only Self-Defense and combat skills but give purpose and value to our student, believe in a meaningful and positive force in our life.