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Dong Ho painting is the painting for the artist to reflect what's truest everyday life. Paper used for texture painting pretty sure the bark of trees to retain the color in a long time. To get a perfect picture, the East Lake artisans will have a separate site for each one works, and each pollen will be done in a different color. East Lake now has a variety of products with different textures was extended to preserve and promote the fine traditions of our nation.\r\nTran Quoc Pagoda is ancient temple with a history of over 1500 years, is located on a small peninsula in the east of the West Lake. Tran Quoc Pagoda is a combination of exquisite landscape kept beautiful, solemn atmosphere of quiet and calm of the West Lake. Thanks to the historical value and oldest ancient architecture here Tran Quoc Pagoda attracts a lot of tourists to visit both inside and outside the country. With all the history and the value that it brings architecture, Tran Quoc Pagoda is not only worth visiting but also a sacred sanctuary of Buddhism attracted countless adherents; but also a place where cultural researchers of Vietnam extremely respectful. Vietnam Veterans Memorial was built in 1993, this place was built to honor those who have sacrificed to protect the independence and freedom of the Fatherland. The design of the monument to create a balance, satisfied with trờ land, atmosphere, and where this is the perfect design for for the soldiers who sacrificed to defend the fatherland. In formal occasions c fish usually government officials held the ceremony organized visits to their respect and their gratitude to those who have sacrificed for our country.