Logistic operator:

+/- 30 years male or female

Fluent in English and Mandarin or Japanese: speaking, read and written

Other languages welcome (European or Asian)

No specification in terms of experience / background / diploma

Job Description:

MEDIC’AIR is a French company that provides services 24/7 to expatriates or foreign tourists all over the world.

The new Operation desk in Vietnam will be in charge of people over South East Asia needing assistance to their native countries.

A training by Medic’Air senior operators be provided in Vietnam during the coming few months.

Note - MEDIC'AIR services are provided continuously 24/7, the employee will be required to perform, in accordance with social regulations in force, working time day and night. Each staff works sometimes on day/night/weekend/holidays

The employee may also be entrusted with additional administrative or operational tasks as needed.

This job description may evolve according to the organizational needs of the company.

To Apply

Send email to administration@medic-air.com

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