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Bánh đúc

Bánh đúc is a cake made from either non-glutinous bột gạo (rice flour) in Northern and Middle regions or bột năng (edible Canna flour) in the South with other ingredients. It’s made in a big plate and cut before serving. It is white in colour and has a soft texture and mild flavour. Originally, Bánh đúc is made from mixing rice flour with dilute calcimine, but now could be garnished with savoury ingredients such as ground pork, tôm chấy (grilled ground shrimp), fried onions, sesame seeds, salt, peanuts, lime juice, and soy sauce or fish sauce. Although it may be eaten on its own with various foods such as chili sauce, crab soup…, it may also be served hot, accompanied by steamed meat or mushrooms.

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