Name: Handspan Adventure Travel
Address: 10th floor, Central Park building, 208 Nguyen Trai, D1, District 1, Saigon
Phone: 08 3925 7605
10.76776636812728 106.68809464573314
Description: Experts in sustainable ecotourism since 1997. Offering tours for cycling, kayaking, and homestays in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
We believe that tourism is fundamentally about connecting people and that the differences that separate us can be bridged with the span of an extended hand.

• We concentrate on ensuring that our tours contain the very best elements of the region we’re traveling through, whether it’s a well known highlight or a tucked away hidden gem that few visitors get to see.
• We use our own fleet of high quality equipment. Our vehicles, kayaks, and mountain bikes are of international quality, ensuring safety and fun when you travel with us.
• We believe that our business should be a force for sustainable development in Vietnam. This commitment to corporate social responsibility relies on a management system which we designed to guide our internal policies and the relationships along our supply chain. We are the first tour operator in Vietnam to have implemented such a system, and we are proud of this accomplishment.
• We subscribe to the concept of the Triple Bottom Line – meaning that we recognize that ‘sustainability’ must balance environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions. This is always a challenge; improvements in one dimension often result in damage to another. For an ecotourism company, seeking this balance means working closely with local communities in visited areas, offering a variety of low-impact tours, and frequent collaboration with scientific researchers.

Principles of Responsible Tourism
-Minimize negative impacts by intensive consultation and collaboration with local communities.
-Promote education on environmental and cultural issues among visitors and hosts.
-Provide positive, respectful experiences for both visitors and locals.
-Provide direct financial benefits for conservation and poverty reduction.
-Raise sensitivity to hosts' political, environmental, and social climate.
-Build partnerships with scientific researchers (ecologists, biologists, geographers, anthropologists)

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