TeachaTony on Language Link Vietnam
September 10th, 2019 at 3:01 am

The new person who claims to be the CEO came in and just turned everything into a right mess (he isn't even the CEO, just a charlatan). All our support staff were cut, the filipino teachers were all fired on flimsy pretenses, and my manager (who had decades of experience) was pushed out. Management never speaks to the teachers or even tries to understand what we do . We were all forced into meetings with the fake CEO, who in reality is just a manager, and talked at. The facilities are falling apart and classrooms do not even have projectors. The Schools Link program within the same company is a much better option and certainly we feel pretty lousy coming to work and seeing their teachers undergoing regular training and having events when we get disrespected daily. At least the new manager (fake CEO) can help you with getting 420! Embarrassing to work here at the moment.