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Name: Mozart Dental Clinic
Address: 4th floor, 4 Lieu Giai , Ba Đình, Hanoi

Directions: on corner of Doi Can

Phone: (+84) (0)2437719381
21.03700477611061 105.81455686351012
Description: A dental clinic.

Note: Previously located at 56 Pham Huy Thong.

Rating: 3.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 5 reviews.

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8 reviews

No 13, Hang Dieu street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

0932 385525

You should definitely check out their website - most accurate information and photos that I could find among other sources. You'll be provided with the best properties available, honest pros and cons for every property, fair prices. No bullshit, no waste of time, your interests...

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Lilu14 on Mozart Dental Clinic
January 7th, 2017 at 5:58 am

We lived for three years in Hanoi and had a chance to try various dental places. We also researched braces options for my daughter. There was a place where the dentist had a degree from a long distance school, and one with a Canadian dentist who charged more than in the US for mediocre fillings. My relationship with Mozart dental was combative, and I believe I brought the dentist close to tears once. Yet I give it five stars. Why? Because we are back in the states and my daughter's braces, as assessed by a US orthodontist, are perfect. So while their receptionist drove me insane, and braces popped from time to time, I have to give them credit for excellent orthodontic work, at a third of the cost of US braces. We actually got a discount here because we came with the work done in Hanoi, and my daughter only needs the regular tightening. Thank you Mozart dental, and I hope you remember Sabina fondly, if not her mother...

amabush on Mozart Dental Clinic
July 3rd, 2012 at 12:51 pm

A dental clinic which seems largely to be frequented by French expats.
I went to the clinic for the first time this morning for a check-up and descale. The consulting rooms were very clean and I received excellent service and advice from the dentist. She descaled my awful English teeth and took me through what was almost a tooth-by-tooth account of the state of my mouth while I looked in a mirror, giving advice as necessary, for example: "Here you have been brushing too hard, probably because you want your teeth to be very clean. This will cause more gum recession and further problems if you continue. Buy a brush with soft bristles and use an action like this.." and here she demonstrated a better way to clean my teeth which would have less of a detrimental effect on my gums.
The dentist also explained what practical action she could take in the future if certain trouble spots deteriorated and reassured me that, if I kept up the good standards of oral hygiene and didn't keep brushing so hard, I should be able to hang onto my teeth (by their skins) for some time to come.
The whole process took about 45 minutes and at no point was it suggested that I should have ANY additional treatment such as x-rays. In fact I was encouraged to contact my London dentist for copies of the most recent x-rays if possible.
So for a detailed and comprehensible summing-up of the state of my mouth, a thorough and pain-free clean-up and a total lack of hard selling, I paid 500.000VND.
I have no idea whether this is expensive or not but I thought it was worth every dong.

Sunny d
Sunny d on Mozart Dental Clinic
January 15th, 2015 at 8:45 am

I had a HORRIBLE experience here. Sure, the aesthetics were nice, but it is all fluff. First of all, the dentist (he was French) didn't even say hello or greet me when he came into the room. In fact, he didn't even really want to hear in-depth what my issue was & why I was there. He immediately took me to his fancy shmancy, overpriced, x-ray machine so he could charge me 1.3M VND for it which resulted in inconclusive tests. He told me that I needed a root canal and was unwilling to show me on the x-ray why I needed one when I had told him I didn't see any cavity shadows and that I had a pretty large filling already there. He just shrugged his shoulders and kept saying he "didn't understand English very well" which also meant, he never knew why I was there to begin with. So basically, his solution to any pain is to remove the nerve (aka root canal) so I didn't have any more pain which is ABSURD! That should not be a go-to quick solution. So, I went to another dentist (THANK GOD FOR PEACE DENTAL) and the Dentist there kindly explained how the type of x-ray I received had Mozart is no way helpful in determining root canals ever. He was pretty disturbed that they even suggested that with the information they had - I provided the x-ray to Peace that Mozart had taken. He took an up close, more accurate, x-ray (that only cost 100k VND) which showed that I certainly didn't even have ANY decay or cavity whatsoever. But, because I was in pain, he did determine my filling was lose which was the cause of the pain so he gave me a new filling which helped! Mozart was a total waist of time and money. Not to mention, I did not care for the staffs demeanor or attitude. Would highly recommend NOT going here and instead going to Peace Dental. There was a reason Mozart was able to get me in last minute...should have known. Also, the people at Peace texted and called me to follow up on my appointment to see how I was doing. When I emailed mozart about something, they didn't even bother responding. Oh yeah, Mozart is cash only?!?! My usual dentist in Hanoi takes cc which is nice in case you have a larger visit.

Rachinhanoi on Mozart Dental Clinic
July 7th, 2014 at 8:07 am

This seems to be the place for French/Vietnamese speakers. The three people I spoke to on the phone found my English a bit challenging. They were unable to tell me the exact price for a check-up and cleaning (from 600K and 500K respectively). I decided to return to Serenity dental, further away but only 315K for both and great quality service.

ravenstar2u on Mozart Dental Clinic
May 9th, 2012 at 10:56 pm

This excellent dental and orthodontic practice is one of Ba Dinh's
best kept secrets. It is well known among the French-speaking
community but English and Vietnamese speakers are well catered for.
With excellent, modern facilities and cheerful dentists who exude
expertise and a high degree of professionalism, do not look further
for your next dental visit.

Note that the practice has recently moved to new premises and is now at 4 Lieu Giai, on the 4th floor of the TID building on the southern corner of the intersection between Lieu Giai and Doi Can. The rooms are large, clean and

The young French/Vietnamese female dentist is top notch; there is no
chance that you will be advised to have expensive and unnecessary
follow -up treatment unless it is really necessary.

I would feel very confident with their orthodontics as well.

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