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Name: Walking in Hanoi
Address: Pretty much everywhere, Hanoi

Directions: Straight on til morning

Phone: unknown

Description: Taking it on the heel and toe.
Rating: 4.2 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 5 reviews.

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thunderpussy on Walking in Hanoi
April 9th, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Let me get into my stride by confessing I don’t own a bike of any kind and nor do I have any desire to. Virtually everyone I know here who rides has at least one hair-raising tale of close scrapes and visions of death approaching at high-speed. I’m also not overly keen on xe oms or taxi’s either (drunks, f**kwits) and buses are only good in those precious hours of the day when the passengers aren’t packed in like a student prank.

Luckily I like walking, it’s good for the body and soul. Foot-power is also the best way to explore any city, and Hanoi is certainly an interesting place to explore. I don’t mind having to walk on the road due to the fact that the pavements are only for bike-parking and drunks on plastic seats outside the bia hoi’s, and the crazy traffic ceased to bother me a long time ago. It’s all in the eye-balling.

Today, with time on my hands and it being a pleasant day, I walked from Ly Nam De up to Phan Dinh Phung, did a left and carried straight on up Hoang Hoa Tham, ending at the Botanical Gardens (saving that for another review sometime). It was the first time I’d made the journey and I’m still savouring it. The route takes you past numerous interesting little trendy shops selling stylishly expensive shoes, clothes, food and trinkets (out of my wallet size but hey, I can still look). The many bars are all interesting and inviting (I accepted several invitations) and a lot of the architecture, and it’s variety and colour, is fantastic. A lot of it was clearly built by the French but with traditional Vietnamese architecture kept in mind. Phan Dinh Phung is also where the major government offices and quarters are, including the Prime Minister’s residence. Then there’s the imposing Cua Bac Catholic church, again French-built and still with a hint of Vietnamese influence. There are also plentiful mysterious (though picturesque) government and military buildings guarded by soldiers toting machine-guns, their roofs sometimes sporting extra-large satellite-dishes. I love that stuff.

An old guy sat next to me on a bus in England said to me: ‘Second-class travelling’s better than first-class walking.’ I disagree. The weather’s warming up, get out there people!

raymondwllee on Walking in Hanoi
December 28th, 2012 at 12:29 am

As someone coming from the UK where the lowest speed limit is 30mph (48km/hr), I found gaging distances in Hanoi rather tricky when I first got here due to the low speed of vehicles travelling on the road. I decided to walk everywhere to judge the distances. I am going to list the times here in the hope that on a good day, some of you reading this will decide to go for a walk. FYI bicycle time is generally 1/3 of walking time. Knowing the time it takes

Tay Ho (Sheraton Hotel) to Sofitel Plaza - 30minutes.

Tay Ho (Sheraton Hotel) to Opera House in Hoan Kiem - 100 minutes (longer with breaks or shopping)

Sofitel Plaza (Ba Dinh) to HCM mausoleum - 30minutes

Top of Old Quarter to Sword Lake - 30 minutes.

Around Sword lake - 30 minutes

Tay Ho (Sheraton) to Doi Can - 75 minutes.

Thanh Nien Street across West Lake - less than 10 minutes.

One of End of Kim Ma (Ba Dinh)to the Other - 20 minutes

Across Ha Ba Trung District from Le Duan going East - 60 minutes

The whole of Ba Trieu from Sword Lake going South - 30 minutes

The whole of Yen Phu street along the Mosaic - 30 minutes

From Tay Ho to Noi Bai Airport - not drunk enough to do that yet.

Happy Walking Everyone!! Get Involved!(I apologise for my bad spelling)

n8wcpo on Walking in Hanoi
March 29th, 2012 at 9:50 am

My wife and I spend hours and hours walking around Hanoi. Hai Ba Trung
(Russian Park, Ba Trieu, Vincom) to the Old Quarter is a walk that never gets old. With so many streets and so many different ways to get from here to there walking really is the best way to learn about Hanoi. Yes, walking is difficult because of the pollution (in every sense of the word) but having a cha da, or a nep cam as you go, checking out all shops and people watching more than makes up for the difficulties.

aloram on Walking in Hanoi
March 29th, 2012 at 8:34 am

Sorry, but I have to disagree with the 5 star reviews. I've lived here for almost two years, I've never had a motorcycle, and I walk as much as possible.


johnspud on Walking in Hanoi
February 11th, 2012 at 3:21 am

I could not agree more with Thunderpussy. Why spend good Dong on polluting and crowded vehicles, when we human beings have a built in power source - our 2 left feet! Hanoi is a walker's paradise - down with motorbikes, down with cars and busses, and especially down with all that pollution that they make us breathe!

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