Name: VietClimb Gym
Address: 40 ngo 76 An Duong , Tây Hồ, Hanoi
Phone: 0914 548 903
21.05563085882070 105.84228855370384
Description: VietClimb Gym offers a quality and safety-oriented sportive facilities with a 200 sqm-climbing surface, a 50 sqm-Café & Terrace to chill out, and a climbing Pro-Shop.

This modern bouldering centre proposes 100 climbing problems of different grades suitable for every level. Six circuits, each consisting of 15 color-coded boulder problems, makes the learning process intuitive and fun. Usually new circuits are set up every quarter on a rolling basis.

Rating: 4.75 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 20 reviews.

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R.206 CT1-1 Building, Me Tri Ha Str, My dinh, Từ Liêm, Hanoi


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Quan Pm
Quan Pm on VietClimb Gym
September 20th, 2015 at 3:10 pm

Good place to re-balance your life. I've seen remarkable changes to satisfy customers since it was opened. I feel lucky because I met many 'awesome' guys and learned many new interesting things from them.
Let's come and experience exciting things at the gym.

dawnation (elite user)
dawnation on VietClimb Gym
June 10th, 2015 at 10:25 am

I've been here in the past, but today was very disappointing. Took my kid for some climbing and we lasted almost 20 minutes and wasted 170k.

The 3 staff were nice as we entered, but unconcerned. Kid got some shoes at the front-old and worn, but I get that. I also get how the walls have deteriorated (loose and spinning holds, broken holds, etc.).

No belayer, no ropes, not a carabiner in sight. With no air con and one little fan for the big room, the kid had no assistance - she was left to free climb in the large room with no directions or explanations. The one staff member walked us in, turned on the one fan, and then walked back out.

I really hoped to get my kid on a wall today, since she climbs everything else that stands still. She was just very hot and very disappointed within ten minutes. In the past, VietClimb was great with kids, but not today.

I assume coming during the day is just not a good idea this summer unless you've booked as a group? Two stars because Hanoi seriously needs this place and I hope it was just an off day.

cocoon on VietClimb Gym
September 22nd, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Update (Oct 2013):

A sincere apology and make-up that we received from Vietclimb today motivated me to write another review about it. Following my earlier review about the staff attitude, Jean had called to say sorry and offered a compensation day for the kids. We couldn't arrange any time to make it until today and after 2 hours spent there our kids were happy and we are totally satisfied with the service quality. They were there ready when we arrived at 9h30. They took care of the kids by providing 3 coaches to help our 6 kids and also offered top roping which is, according to the manager, only offered to team building activities. Thus, to be fair I think I need to give another rating for Vietclimb, this time to recognize their sincerity and efforts. We highly appreciated their willingness to improve the service quality by listening to the clients and trying to address the voiced issues. So, well done Vietclimb and thank you.

Original Review:

Such a biiig disappointment we had with the customer service quality, especially the attitude of the staff of Vietclimb gym this weekend.

Having seen the voucher programme they advertised on Nhommua, we decided to purchase 8 vouchers for our kids' group to go there on Sunday. Before purchasing the vouchers, I was careful enough to call and book the group event following one of mobile phone numbers given on the website on Tuesday. The girl took the booking said it was no problem and we had a set appointment at 9h30 am on Sunday. Kids were so eager to go out and try their new experience.

However on Saturday night at 9h30 I received a phone call from a staff from Vietclimb informing that there was a mistake in taking the booking and the girl who took and confirmed my booking is (out of the blue) on the maternity leave and they already took another private contract from 10 to 12h00 on the same day that we have been confirmed to have our session. Interestingly that the day they signed that contract was on Wednesday which is one day after I was told that our booking was fine!!! They asked us to delay the booking until 11h30 which is 2 hours behind our schedule and obviously lunchtime for kids and they need to do other activities in the afternoon. After a while, I already agreed with 1 hour delay hoping that they need to fix their mistake by negotiating with other party as well. 10 minutes of suffering loud voice of a staff member and then the manager over the phone who both were so mouthy and couldn't give any good alternatives but firm request to ask us to delay 2 hours, I decided to give up. The manager even said that if we still arrive at 9h30 they need to close the gym and can only let us in from 12 noon (Such a great kindness!!!). When I asked for the Director's (Jean) phone number, the manager told me that just look for it on the internet (!!!). To be honest, it is the first time ever I saw such kind of ridiculous customer service manner from a managerial level person. It is even can not be compared with the street vendors' attitude since some of them are way better!!!.

Recalling about the good reviews about Vietclimb that I have read in TNH before, I become very surprised. Finally, I managed to search for the phone number of the Director and talked to him. He agreed to give us the refund and we did get the refund back this morning. However, considering all the time we have spent for booking vouchers, traveling back and forth to get the refund, big disappointment of the kids and frustration of the bad customer service attitude, I think we deserve a more sincere apology from Vietclimb, not only the refund. So bad, Vietclimb!

flederfauz on VietClimb Gym
April 8th, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Finally there is a climbing gym in Hanoi. The newly opened climbing gym offers plenty of routes from very easy to outrageously hard. The owner states it has a 200sqm climbing surface with about 100 climbing routes. The floor is covered with a thick foam so if you fall you fall very soft. Climbing shoes are available for rent or sale. There is also a cafe where you can chill out after climbing.If you are interested in outdoor climbing activities, the hanoi climbing community meets there on tuesday and thursday from 8pm on.
Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday 2pm to 10pm.

P.s. you will definitely find me there twice a week.

Glimmer on VietClimb Gym
April 8th, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Hanoi's been waiting for this gym! :)

It's not just a dingy little place full of sweat and chalk - no, this is a chilled out full-blown bouldering gym with a large amount of climbs, solid and varied walls and holds, soft landings, a nice bar/café area, and friendly, down to earth staff.

Boulder problems range from really easy for the beginner, to quite tough (I'd say 'round 6c+ Fb).

And the people I've met climbing there thus far have been open and ready to chat and provide info on the outdoor cracks in Northern Vietnam. Oh yes, and it's not just Expats here - there are Vietnamese climbers as well!

I hope that this will be another step to further promote climbing in this beautiful country.

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