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Name: Son Tinh Campsite
Address: Son Tinh Island, Dong Mo lake, Son Tay, Hanoi

Directions: Passing across ThangLong High way, then going straight 7 km more, entering and passing the Vietnam Cultural and Tourizm Village. Total 40 kms high way and 2 kms forest way from Hanoi, 30 minutes from Big C. 45-seat bus can come to the gate of Sontinh Ca

Phone: (+84) (0)24 6682 206
21.05951165075317 105.48986434936523
Description: Sontinh Camp is located on an 40ha island of Dong Mo Lake, where you enjoy fresh air and the wildlife, relax in the camps as a rustic hotels and share the wonderful moments with your family and friends around the camp fire.

This island is next to the Vietnam Ethnology Cultural and Tourist Villages and surrounded by the fresh waters of Lake Dong Mo and leafy forests. From Sontinh Camp, the tourists can see the famous international golf courses, beautiful landscapes of Ba Vi and participate exciting games in the forest and on the water, camp fire, BBQ ...

Rating: 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 10 reviews.

8 reviews

No 13, Hang Dieu street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

0932 385525

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sarah12345 on Son Tinh Campsite
April 25th, 2011 at 3:26 pm

A group of 6 of us went here a couple of weekends ago. We had a mixed experience...

On the good side:

The tents are great. They're sparkly new at the moment of course, which helps, but in addition, the ones we stayed in had a separate bedroom area - kitted out with a comfy mattress and lovely white bedding - a seating area and an en suite brick built bathroom which was better than many I've seen in apartments here. 400,000 per night.

The area is pretty. Water, trees, uneven tracks. It really feels like you're a long way from Hanoi.

The food was decent. We ordered the BBQ for Saturday night. 220,000VND got us a selection of meat and fish (a bit overcooked but that's a BBQ for you), some chips and veg and a glass of very sweet Dalat Mulberry Wine (the thought was there). Breakfast was an egg baguette or beef noodle soup for 25,000.

It's easily accessible from Hanoi. Four of us went on a couple of bikes. We got lost on the way (see negative comment below) but on the way back we made it in just over an hour. The two of us in a taxi paid 300,000 on the way and 500,000 on the way back.

The owner is helpful and friendly.

The neutral:

There really isn’t much to do. You can hire boats for an hour or take out the bikes and I’m guessing kids would find plenty to amuse themselves with, but if I went back I’d probably use it a base to go off on the bike to BaVi or something. Or at least take a good book.

On the bad side:

We got lost. Just a few amends to the directions on the spot would help i.e. After the end of Thanh Long Highway, drive 7km further on the same road. Turn right following signs to Lang Van Hao (or something similar, I didn’t write it down) or where you see the VietCulto symbol on a huge red sign in the middle of the road (note: there is no clear sign in English on the main road). You will drive through what looks like an abandoned fairground carpark. At the end turn left at the t-junction and after about 500m you will see signs to the campsite.
The karaoke. Unfortunately we were sharing the site with a corporate event. This wasn’t such a problem during the day, and even the dancing and shouting around the campfire early evening was more amusing than annoying, but in the evening we were subjected to disco music followed by karaoke. I don’t object to people having fun, and understand that these events are an opportunity for staff to let their hair down. But at a campsite? Really? We went there for some peace and quiet - as pitched - so loud, bad karaoke at midnight was not appreciated. At 1am we went and asked them to stop – which they did. Apparently they’d been given permission to continue until 3am – a fact disputed by the campsite manager who said they’d been told to stop at midnight. Whoever's fault it was, it did put a spoiler on things.

In summary, I really want it to work as an escape from Hanoi and would consider going back again BUT only if it was guaranteed that there were no corporate events booked in at the same time. So just one star off for the karaoke this time.

johnniewalker on Son Tinh Campsite
February 28th, 2011 at 8:41 pm

As a family of 2 adults and 2 boys (aged 3 and 5), living in Hanoi, we strive for something out of the city with some greenery where you can stretch your legs and the kids can practice with their bikes. This place ticked those boxes and the added camp fire BBQ is great (be sure to bring some marshmallows for toasting!).

It takes around 1 hour 15 mins to get there from Hanoi, renting good car with room for 2 small kids bikes was $50 eachway from Tonkin travel.

Food is all quality meat (including flattened chickens!) when you get there, but am sure you can order veg in advance. You can rent small 2 person tents or family tents with great views over lake - showers rather ad hoc but guess that is one of the aspects of camping! Western style toilets. No electricity so forget internet access(generator yes but only until you request) and traditional paraffin lamps - a plus in our opinion!

The cultural village is a 2 km easy cycle over the forest road but lacks any life. The golf course is nearby but can only be reached by boat. There are boats and an adventure playground nearby for team building events - will be checking the prices out for these.

Only down side was the bill at the end included all sorts of things we hadn't drunk - cokes, red bulls etc and 28 'park fees'. Although this may have been a genuine oversight it's always worth checking the bill! Cost for us very reasonable - 400k for tent (with good quality bedding and matresses / pillows), campfire 250k, bikes are 50k for 1hour, lunches 120 k, BBq (lots of meat!) 220k.

Although there were surprisingly few bugs, rodents or other beasties it may be worth bringing your own insect repellant and once it gets warmer swimming gear in the lake.

RomanAtlanta on Son Tinh Campsite
February 8th, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Last week, a few of us were invited by Mrs. Do Thi Minh Hoa, manager of Son Tinh Camp, to visit the camp which is essentially at the end of the newly completed highway which leads west out of Hanoi starting from My Dinh.

We spent a pleasant day at the camp, and also at an unexpected lunch at the home of one of the people involved in building the neighboring Vietnamese Ethnic Cultural Village.

The camp is located on a peninsula in a nice, large lake. Access is by dirt road through a 40-ha forest which includes a number of fruit trees. Trails which can be used for biking or walking criss-cross the forest. Just before the entrance of the camp, there is a cleared area in the forest for putting up tents. The camp itself is nicely landscaped. There are platforms along the water on which you can set up your own tent, (communal hot/cold showers and toilets are available), and there are also platforms with the camp’s 2-room tents on them, each one sided by a very nice, new, brick and tile bathroom with hot/cold water shower and western flush toilet. In the center of the camp, there are: a “bar” area, kitchen with service, tables for eating, a campfire pit, a large shelter on stilts which can be used for a variety of activities, and other usual camp amenities. To the side, there is a small ropes course. The camp has pontoon boats (we suggested they also get kayaks and bikes), and a large motor boat. The lake is swimmable. It seems well-run and, of course, the staff are very friendly!

jarkulka on Son Tinh Campsite
February 13th, 2011 at 3:06 pm

We have been yesterday with our 3 children there!Met the owner and her amazing 2 adult children which took care and played with ours :)(Thank you Lan and her brother !) Amazing place to spend a day or weekend if the weather is pleasant. Unluckily it was drizzling yesterday, but we enjoyed it anyway. The camp is only 3 months old, very well run, cleen and in beautifull suroundings.You can rent family tent for a night with 2 bedrooms and small tiled private bathroom.There are nice beddings in family tents , pillows and warm duvets. The cost is 300.000 VND per tent per night. Other tents are similar only you have sleeping bags instead and the bathrooms are public. The price is 40.000 VND per person. There is open coffe area and bon fire place outside ...very tastefull vietnamese coffee :) We had a lunch there in a nice cosy roofed restaurant with a fire place in the middle and karaoke available for the evening - even with some english songs! We rented bicycles with kids, brought only some small bike for our 4 year old from Hanoi and enjoyed riding through the forest. There is also a Ethnic cultural tourism villiage very close, you have to drive through it on the way to the camp.This villiage is kind of "Potemkin" , it was open due to the 1000 years of Hanoi celebration, it is very huge, but no signs of any "life" there. Nice historical wooden houses all around, concrete roads, huge parking spaces :) Well ideal for the biking from the camp.Our kids were extremely happy with the trip and are asking us to go ASAP again!!!So if the weather is better we definitelly try to arrange a big barbeque in Sontinh Camp and sleep over with a group of friends in these nice family tents!

andrew.nt on Son Tinh Campsite
April 22nd, 2014 at 9:09 am

I came here with my friends last week. it took 50 mins from centre hanoi to here. its quite big but there are not many trees, it is not so clean too. 10 of us played for the whole morning, they have plenty of games but they're quite expensive. you might wanna go here if your group of friends are looking for a place to play.

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