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Name: Vietmotors
Address: 19 ngo 76/35 An Duong, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

Directions: at the major intersection with Sofitel Plaza, go east toward the Red River on the small road, take the first left and continue north about 800m, then take a right at alley 76 (ngo 76), then continue east about 100m and take a left at ngach 35, continue north and find us on your left at number 19

Phone: 0983557777
21.05598329821967 105.84059889614309
Description: A motorbike rental and repair shop

Rating: 4.13 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 39 reviews.

Nancy's Housing

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Đống Đa, Hanoi


My experience with Nancy has been great. After reading many a horror story about landlords(in general, not just vietnam) I wasn't expecting much in terms of honesty but Nancy came through on just about everything including getting my deposit back at the end of my stay. Anytime I had a problem she...

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tuebel on Vietmotors
November 18th, 2016 at 1:34 pm

Dont buy a bike there - the owner is friendly but totally unprofessional - not able to provide a reliable Service. My bike was broken all the time until I decided to go to a real Vespa Shop - the surprise was big - totally unsafe - so I had to change almost every part...

Reinout on Vietmotors
March 4th, 2016 at 2:22 pm

Don't buy a motorbike by this shop! The shop is running by a friendly and good English speaking man. But kindness doesn't give you the guarantee for a good motorbike.
I know the quality of a Chinese Honda win (the motorbike that I bought) is in general not really good.

But Vietmotorbikes promises that they check the holy motorbike. But if you leave the shop, it looks like they stop immediately fixing the motorbike that you want to buy. The owner is better in talking then make good motorbikes.

The first day that I drive on the motorbike some bolts in the wheel where loose. So really dangerous!

And in the first week that I drove this bike. I had to visit often mechanics for a new ignition, chain and sprockets.

So don't buy your motorbike by Vietmotors and save yourself the money, a lot of wasted time and the additional risks by driving a totally not checked motorbike.

Casper Baas
Casper Baas on Vietmotors
January 30th, 2016 at 2:12 pm

Dont buy a motorbike here! they don't check the motorbike good and sell bad motorbikes!
I did buy a motorbike from Vietmotors, a Honda win. They promise me that they will check the whole motorbike and make it ready to ride. 2 days later we went to the north on the motorbike. On the second day to the north the problems started. First the motor didn't start, also the kickstarter didn't work. It was a problem with the accu, I needed a new battery because Vietmotors didn't check it. The 3e day I needed again to go to a mechanic, the bike keeps leaking oil. Also the sprinkler was lose, so the motor missed power. Cdi was also bad, so needed a replace. 2 days later I needed again to a mechanic, this time it was the dynamo, cables were bad. Also the clutch plate was almost broken, so that also needed a repair. And on top, the gears were also not working 100% and needed to fix. I did have contacted the seller at Vietmotors, first he did respons that I needed to go to Hanoi (on a broken bike 300km). And he says that he didn't want to help and then he stops responding to me if I ask for a solution. Real bad service. He did sell me a bad bike that needed a lot of repairs. I know that I did buy a second hand motorbike and that I needed some repairs on the way, but not so much! If they did check the motorbike better they should have seen this problems. So be warned! I'm still hoping for a response and a solution..

Karmak on Vietmotors
March 29th, 2011 at 12:53 pm

I bought two motorbikes from Vietmotors about 3 months ago, a Honda 67 and a cute yellow Cub. The intial impression of both the place and the manager, Viet, was really good. Viet offered a 1 year guarantee on the bikes, stating that if anything went wrong he would have fixed it free of charge.

All was good for the first 1 week, after that big problems started. Amongst them:
- The Clutch pedal on the Honda literally fell off, leaving me in the middle of Pho Hue at 9pm looking for a mechanice
- Electrics on both bikes stopped working
- Clutch on the Honda67 started to become stiffer and stiffer
- Wheel on Cub started to wobble.

I took back the bikes a couple of times, as promised Viet got them "repaired" (=patched up) only to show the same symptoms a day or two later.

It was clear that unless I wanted to go back for a quick patch up every week or so I had to take the bikes to somebody else. After a couple of weeks at Andy's, the bikes were finally ok.
Andy had to replace chains, wrong sized wheels, wrong battery (6V instead of 12??!) and other ridiculous, dangerous results of lousy repairs done on those two bikes.
Total cost for repairing the honda67 = more than 7 mil
Total cost for the Cub = more than 5 mil
The repairs basically cost me as much as the bikes themselves.

The only reason I am giving two stars is because of Viet. He is truly an amazing guy and will try and help you in any way that he can. Unfortunately, it is not enough for the kind of business he wants to run.

I had a bad experience. I saw other people commenting here and they seemed to have been luckier than me, I'm happy for them.

My advice is: before you buy any bikes from these guys, get them checked by Andy!

Clair_ on Vietmotors
January 17th, 2014 at 6:49 pm

When I first went to Viet Motors they were great, Viet showed me a bunch of different bikes and I decided to take a Win. I returned it a couple of days later 'cos the brakes weren't really working and the electric starter didn't, well, start.

The second week I had it it kept cutting out, like when I was going round a roundabout, and wouldn't start again. It cut out about 6-7 times on my way to work one day. Viet advised to 'get a boy to kick start it'. It just didn't work, no matter who was doing the kicking. I took it back again and swapped it for a different one.

I went to work and parked the new bike in the garage. When I came back my bike had been moved to the entry with a big lock and notice on, sitting in a pile of sand. I had to sign a report saying that the bike had leaked something everywhere and was not allowed to start the bike in the garage. Outside I started to drive home but the bike cut out within minutes. I tried to call Viet and text but no reply. After about 30 minutes I figured I would have to just leave the bike there, knowing there was another number on the website, and try to get in touch that way. Eventually I got hold of Viet. He was not happy. Told me I should have called him and that someone would definitely steal the bike. I tried to explain that I didn't know what else to do, the bike is broke and he wasn't picking up.

A little while later Viet pays me a visit, mainly to tell me how unhappy he is with me and that there is no problem with the bike. He also says that he is taking the bike back to the garage and that I should have a Wave, as it is 'good for woman'.

The following day I text Viet to say I would like the money back for the remaining 2 weeks. He refuses. Again telling me I can have a Wave as it is better for women. I tell him I don't want that, there was a problem with the bike, not with me, I'd really just like the money back. No reply. I never heard from Viet again. Looks like I paid $50 for 2 weeks of mostly breaking down and the advice that girls can't ride motorbikes.

So, after I left this review, Mr Viet started to send me a LOT of texts. Mostly they didn't make an awful lot of sense, but they weren't very nice. Insults, random swear words, threats. He also gave out my number to a bunch of his pals
who also joined in the calling and texting game. This went on for several weeks. I'm not sure what exactly he was hoping to achieve with this?

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