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Name: Ocean Edu Vietnam
Address: 312 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi
Phone: unknown
20.99705426734610 105.81055498114438
Rating: 1.36 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 11 reviews.

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2nd Floor, 285 Building, Doi Can Street, Ba Đình, Hanoi

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bexhoward on Ocean Edu Vietnam
September 15th, 2016 at 3:48 am

If you could give no stars I think this would be more of an accurate representation of our thoughts on Ocean Edu.

Thankfully, we never actually worked for this company - we were some of the lucky ones. For a week we have been messed around by this company and stupidly declined three other job offers. The staff at the two branches we were supposed to be working at had no clue of what they were doing (a comment even stated by the recruitment manager Mr. Nico).

I'm not going to go into detail about the problems with this company as I would just be repeating from the long list below. All you need to know is do not work for this company. They are highly disorganised and I'm certain they do not even know the definition of the word professionalism.

darkrelic on Ocean Edu Vietnam
August 10th, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Please be aware that in the past 12 mths Ocean have lost dozens of Vietnamese staff due to poor working conditions.

Furthermore, Ocean International Language Center has once again changed their name and are now call Ocean Edu.

Good luck working for this mobster!!

Unpossibe251 on Ocean Edu Vietnam
August 17th, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Anyone thinking of working for Ocean - don't!

Let me start by saying, that I think English teachers can be a pretty self entitled, inflexible bunch... I knew Ocean had a reputation before I worked for them, but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

My short interview (skype) with Mr Nguyen went well; we agreed on an hourly rate, questions were asked and answered, no problems.

I arrived in Hanoi, and on the way to the school, Mr Nguyen 'reminded' me that I had agreed to start on a trial wage. I was thinking, okaaayyy... Can't remember agreeing to this, but be cool, its actually a reasonable thing to do in a new job. He asked for my passport to take care of my visa. OOPS - big mistake from me!

On premesis accomodation was promised, and even thouggh I took Nguyen's boast of 'hotel-like' with a grain of salt, I wasn't expecting something that bad. Concrete room, furnished with a mattress and two fans. I arrived during a 40 degree, week long heat wave and, jeez, concrete bunkers don't breathe well at that temperature. I complained, and they suggested I sleep on the desks in the classroom. Hotels do that...

After nearly a month of me asking for my passport back (he claims the cops had it... The stamps and numbers don't bear his story out) I got offered a "full time" position. This offer was for me to work for more hours, for less money. My hourly rate had, by this point, been slashed by a third from what we agreed on. At least I got my passport back.

I stuck it out for another two months, for a grand total of three. I taught in a total of four Ocean branches, so hopefully you can agree I gave it a good hard try. The last month was a kicker... Pay arrived, minus five million dong. Original excuses about me taking a day off (records show I was full time, all the time) were changed to promises that it would come later, but by that point, I had had it. My final month at Ocean was paid at half of the agreed rate during the interview.

I have a litany of other complaints about Ocean, but I want to just keep this review about the facts (Ocean paid half of our agreed rate) and not get drawn into opinions, and to warn all teachers, both pinoys and whites (taga-Australia ko, pero mahal ko ng pilipinas - nagtrabaho ko roon para sa 2 yrs) that Ocean is not worth the headache.

Bigmarkymark on Ocean Edu Vietnam
March 31st, 2014 at 8:34 am

Teachers of all races Creeds and Qualifications....DO NOT even think about working for this little lying thieving grub. I worked for him a long time ago, what an education of who not to work for that was.

He stills owes me money, I have met at least 15 teachers in my time here that worked for him and ALL are owed money, all did not even get close to the conditions they where promised, the poor Filipino teachers got locked in the building at night and made to work for over 14 hours a day putting together his horrible little powerpoint lesson, stolen straight out of the books, so they wouldnt run off, I asked "Mr Wind"(Nguyen)and that was his response.

He and his wife make claims to absolute beginners that they will be fluent in English within 1 x 40 hour course, then try to not only BLAME the teachers, but financially penalize the teacher.

And if you value your life do not get in the car with the moron, hes out right dangerous. The are times I did in the short time I worked for the grub, out of fear for our lives and those around us, I had to physically throw him out of the drivers seat and drove myself.

Which brings me to his "Dancing White Monkey Tours" he does to promote his little circus. If you do it, get PAID IN CASH BEFORE YOU GO ANYWHERE. And don't believe a word of his schedule, and hourly rate, get a DAY RATE in cash, AND DRIVE HIS CAR YOURSELF.

"Ocean Language, setting new low standards for scumbags everyday"

PS Female Teachers please note. Sexual Harassment/ Exploitation is not in his vocabulary. Your jaw may drop when you he asks you to wear his " sexy uniform" and he wont even bat an eyelid and have the hide to get offended if you refuse and threaten too and will deduct your pay and conditions.

Ive worked for varying schools in my time here, from crappy to excellent, OCEAN without out doubt, IS THE WORST OF THE WORST. you are better off just staying at the bia hoi and not wast your time or taint your view of this country

fluxfantastic on Ocean Edu Vietnam
April 7th, 2014 at 9:02 am

First let me start by saying this: I am a native speaker currently teaching in Ocean International Language and I have been here since August of 2013.

While my time here hasn't been roses it has been an experience I don't regret for a second.

Has Ocean earned it's bad reputation? Based on my treatment not at all.
Are there areas around policy and management they need to reconsider or improve? Definitely.

I truly think many if not all of the criticisms leveled at Ocean are gross exaggerations.
For example: Ocean will never lock you in the building without means of leaving and if this is not the case then they will inform you (this has happened to me and two other teachers I know of), the reality was they simply didn't have enough keys to go around and extra keys were made and given to all of us promptly.

As far as salary is concerned I have had no issues with the rate and it has never been reduced. I have had one delay with receiving it (one day).

Housing conditions, now this is where I have had some issues all of which were sorted out and now I'm in a reasonable hotel with half of it being paid for me (I would prefer this to living in the center to be honest).

I reckon, teaching in Vietnam is what you make of it. I know I have not been here as long as some and perhaps don't have the most accurate perspective but the sheer number of unqualified yet self entitled "teachers" I have met in and outside Ocean is staggering, heck I was one of them in the beginning.

If you're a native speaker and you choose Ocean don't for one second think the red carpet will be rolled out or you wherever you go all the time. This is a job not a holiday.

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