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Name: Star Fitness Hanoi
Address: 4th Floor, The Garden Shopping Mall, Me Tri, Me Dinh, Từ Liêm, Hanoi

Directions: Take the escalator or lifts to 4th floor. Entrance is at opposite end of Shopping Mall to Big C.

Phone: (+84) (0)24 37875353
21.01512281203345 105.77788782124117
Description: A fitness center located in The Manor neighborhood of My Dinh.
Rating: 4.78 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 9 reviews.

9 Reviews (Followed by 11 users)
TBBle on Star Fitness Hanoi
July 22nd, 2012 at 7:51 pm

I've trained here three times so far, and I've been very satisfied. (And rather sore. I think that means it's working.)

I was looking around for a gym membership where I could do some muscle-building resistance work, as I'm endeavouring to lose weight and have gone about as far as merely dieting can take me.

I bought an off-peak yearly membership, which waived the joining fee (50% off the joining fee if you join for three or six months instead) so I got 12 months for about the price of 9 plus an extra 2 million VND saved. They also include a session with a personal trainer to show you the equipment and tell you what to use.

It seems pretty pricey to me on a monthly basis, and my Australian friends agree, so maybe this is US-standard pricing?

The price is on par with what California Fitness and Yoga was asking, which was the other well-reviewed gym near me.

Speaking of location, being in The Garden means I can stop at the Big C on the way home, or the cinemas or food court, and that definitely factored into my decision.

Another important factor for me was the cheaper off-peak membership. Being rather self-conscious, I was planning on attending at the off-peakest times I could manage anyway, and their off-peak membership lets you enter any time from 8am to 4pm, and stay as long as you like.

And traffic does seem to pick up around 4pm, but it's still not 'busy' in so far as having to wait for cardio machines, let alone queue for one, and the resistance training equipment hasn't had a queue yet.

There's been as few as four people and as many as twelve in the times I've been there. Both men and women, in varying states of maturity and fitness.

They also have a sauna, spa, cold-dip bath and massage service. I haven't tried those.

And they have fitness classes. I haven't tried those either. They only appear to have one small room though, from what I've seen, so if you're after fitness classes rather than free weights or resistance/cardio machines, it might not suit you as well as it suits me.

Membership also includes access to the (small and only 1.2m deep) pool. I also haven't tried the pool.

I believe the pool is shared with The Manor. The Manor residents also get discounted about 15-20% on the monthly fee, according to their price sheet.

On the topic of price sheets, I was absolutely thrilled that they put their prices up on the Internet. Simply by doing that, they became my benchmark as I looked at other gyms. Instead of "which gym should I join?" I was asking myself "would this gym be a better choice that Star Fitness?". And that's an amazing difference in decision-making psychology.

Specifically, when I went to California Fitness and Yoga, and they actually pulled out their super-secret price-sheet, they were month-by-month on-par with Star Fitness's full-time membership, but to win my membership they needed to offer a _better_ deal. I could have haggled -- I was queued to see the CF&Y manager to do that -- but I decided I was not interested in trying when it meant that any deal I got was just me being price-gouged _less_.

And that was before I'd even seen Star Fitness's facilities.

So I dropped in on a Sunday afternoon with a couple of friends, and one of the people from the front desk was happy to show us all around, even though I was the only prospective customer of our group.

It's open, well-lit, painted in soft warm colours, and normal people appeared to be using the place.

At the time the music was gentle and non-intrusive (they were playing something a bit more rock this afternoon).

One friend (who had also been to California Fitness and felt it was too much like a night-club) said this was much more like a gym should be.

I didn't feel intimidated or self-conscious, or even an object of mild curiosity for being the fattest person in the room.

Heck, I didn't feel self-conscious about being the only person in the room wearing pants. And that's number two on my list of things to be self-conscious about regarding pants.

(Number one is being the only person in the room _not_ wearing pants.)

I was relaxed about the idea of joining a gym for the first time.

And that was the deal-closer.

JohnPC on Star Fitness Hanoi
September 22nd, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Star Fitness is my one guilty pleasure in Hanoi. The only one I'll be writing about here. It's owned, I believe, by a Westerner and seems pitched for Westerners. Having said that, I and my friend and colleague have always been the sole Westerners there. If there's been anyone else at all, they've been very fit local people, and often much fitter than, well, I'll say me. They're an excellent example.

Star Fitness opened about a month ago. It's expensive, but in the same range as the other fitness centers I've scoped out in town. I got a year's membership--the best deal and the easiest to understand with no joining fee.

The place is the nicest place of this kind I've ever been to. I've used mostly university and community centers except for a five year stint at a Bally's back a while. This is hands down the most luxurious, cleanest, friendliest of this kind of place I've ever been too. The staff speaks English--in some cases fluently enough to make fun of my very casual approach to fitness.

The showers, with their horizontal courses of narrow, colored glass tile, frosted glass doors, and the rain shower heads are, well, way cool.

I've used all the facilities now except for the classes: pool, cardio, weight machines, free weights, showers, spa, cold plunge. All are incredibly clean, beautifully designed, very high quality.

Of course the place has only been open for a month, but if anything the almost frenetic cleaning and friendliness are my only issues. Both are so persistent as to verge on the intrusive.

The pool is NOT Olympic sized but it feels more than half that size to me. I've generally had it to myself and had no trouble swimming laps though I'm getting a lot of practice on my kick turns. I'd like to see the water a little clearer, but it seems perfectly clean. And it's awfully nice to have teak lounges on which to read in the sun four stories above the traffic in a Roman peristyle--if you get there before noon when the sun sets behind The Manor. Before noon the pool is almost always empty, save me. Late afternoons can get a little populated with kids from the Manor, next door, which also uses the pool. But it's never been crowded and the Kindle hasn't gotten splashed once. It also has an infinity edge that drains into the elevator lobby of the apartment building. Kind of too bad as a lost opportunity to have the pool open into the vista that is My Dinh.

I hesitated to write this. I'd just as soon keep it to myself.

Emerald12 on Star Fitness Hanoi
March 9th, 2013 at 1:37 pm

Best gym in Hanoi by far far far...been in Hanoi since 2001 and I have tried a few gyms around since. The only reason I stopped going there was because I moved to the old quarter 2 months it was way too far for me.
The staff are really welcoming and friendly. The place is spotless! Lovely changing rooms and shower.
My favorite bit in this gym is the (really) cold water tub, which is excellent if you do some heavy work with your muscles, it prevents injuries. Also,for the ladies, it firms up the skin which is excellent!( I have never seen this option even in gyms in France) You get also a dry sauna and a wet sauna i think that's how they call them, and of course the jacuzzi (always at a perfect temperature).
The range of machines available is incomparable to ANY other gym in Hanoi. You also get the trainers to help you with your work out, and motivate when needed. You have mini TV screens in front of each machine, so you don't actually get bored if you forget you ipod at home. The gym is very spacious.
Included in you membership you get yoga (3 types of yoga and 3 different levels), belly dance, aerobics, dance, and other classes i haven't tried. Sometimes I showed up 15 minutes early, and the teacher sat with me and gave me some advice or started me on the stretching...
On the minus side, the gym is not "children friendly" as they are not allowed within the changing room area OR the gym area, basically all they can do is use the swimming pool outside.
Another small annoying thing is you can't eat within the premises. They don't allow any food. but water is provided....i guess it could be good to forget food when you're trying to burn off some calories :)
Excellent gym overall!! I really wish they'd open a second place a bit closer to hoan kiem lake. :)

giangiir on Star Fitness Hanoi
October 3rd, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Till now (Oct.2012) this is still the best gym/fitness center in Hanoi. It is leaving others behind in so many things: not too expensive, friendly staff and atmosphere, facilities including machines, bathrooms, ..., are well supervised,... I know they've got a western manager who flies often from Saigon to check everything and every corner. If it were not because we have moved to Long Bien, which is so far to get to Star Fitness, we'd still be their loyal customers. I really wish they open a second one with similar conditions somewhere closer to our area.

irhenryc on Star Fitness Hanoi
July 11th, 2011 at 8:06 pm

I haven't been to any other gym in Hanoi so I cannot compare this place to any other than ones at my home in San Diego.

1. Hygiene/Upkeep (5 STARS)
Place is always cleaned well, all the equipment is in perfect working condition, lockers/showers/pool/hot tub/dipping pool were all in excellent condition.

2. The Service (5 STARS)
Every staff that I have spoken to there were extremely helpful and spoke English. The cleaning staff worked constantly to keep the place clean and smiled as you pass them.

3. Location (5 STARS)
At least to me since I live in The Manor, it is a short walking distance until I'm inside the mall.

4. The crowd (5 STARS)
Mostly Korean people in there but all very nice and don't mind small talk. There's no meat heads in there that thinks they are the boss.

5. The Size (3 STARS)
Okay, the locker rooms are big, nice outdoor pool, great installation, but the actually workout area is small. Plenty enough for the small amount of members they have, but will never suffice if they double in occupancy.
Locker rooms have enough lockers for 200+ people (at least in the Men's). No way can this place accommodate more than 40 people in the workout area alone.

6. The Price (3 STARS)
Ridiculously expensive, but I guess what you pay for is what you get, and you do get a lot here. Though comparing it to the gym I go to in San Diego, this place is obsolete. I pay a small fraction back home of what this place is requesting and get more. Luckily, I took over a relative's membership during my stay and I don't have to pay.

It's a great place if you can afford it. Take advantage of their 1 day trial.

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