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Name: Cebon
Address: , Hanoi
Phone: 0972 927 740

Description: A company providing fresh local meat and produce held to high quality control standards.
Rating: 4.67 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 3 reviews.

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2nd Floor, 285 Building, Doi Can Street, Ba Đình, Hanoi

(+84) (0)2432321818

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pengi on Cebon
May 3rd, 2010 at 8:57 pm

Our household has had meat delivered from Cebon on a regular basis for more than a year (at least once per month). The quality and range of the products has always been excellent.
Because they don't have a retail shop and conveniently deliver your order for free (I think if you order a minimum of 100,00VND of products), it's cheaper than any of the other similar sources of clean, quality meat.
They'll also package your order as you like, so you can ask for a kilo of ground beef in 500g portions, and so on, for easy dinner prep. Very convenient!
Some of my favourite items include the wonderful pates, made in the French style at their local kitchen, steaks, pork loin and sliced ham. The other things are great, too, that's just what comes to the top of my head.
Sometimes they have a range of extras, such as sauerkraut and homemade salami's, too.
So, if you don't want meat marinated in unrefrigerated Hanoi heat dusted with roadside dirt gracing your dinner plate, and you do want the convenience of fresh home delivery, give Cebon a try. I'd definitely say it's worth it.
Bon appetit!

rozie_cheeks on Cebon
May 27th, 2011 at 12:22 pm

I decided to try Cebon, after buying from Oasis, which I think is quite expensive. I called in and ordered yesterday and just had my fish and meat delivered from Cebon. I have to say it was delivered on time and the produce looks fresh and well packed. I can definitely recommend Cebon for their reasonable prices, service and product. The only reason I took away 1 star is they have a 24 hour turnaround. If they could do same day delivery, then that would be perfect!!

tdtony on Cebon
May 27th, 2011 at 5:50 am

Hands down the best butcher with the best quality meat in Hanoi.

After receiving rotten meat from The Oasis Butcher Shop on two separate occasions (please see my review of The Oasis Butcher Shop for more details), I stumbled across Cebon via a posting on The NewHanoian.

Upon further due diligence, I found that Cebon is a French/Vietnamese venture. According to their website, they use local meat and fish prepared according to European standards. They have beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish. Within the meat category, they also have sausages and pate as well as a barbecue menu.

I have now ordered three times from Cebon and found the quality to be outstanding. The European standards are evident as the meat is fresh and vacuumed packed. My favorite is the beef tenderloin which is especially tender and favorable. The poultry is excellent as well. The prices are considerably cheaper than The Oasis Butcher Shop.

However, Cebon has a few drawbacks:

1) There are no impulsive purchases as you need to place your order in advance - it gets delivered within 24 hours (min order of 100,000 VND). I usually place an order enough for 1 week and keep in my freezer

2) You can not see the meat in person but the website has good pictures - you could probably see the meat if you go to Long Bien/Gia Lam but I have never done so

3) Problems with their website on two fronts :

- the prices in the English version have not been updated so you have to toggle to the French version (clicking the French flag at the top left) to get accurate prices - still reasonable and cheaper than other butchers

- the phone number in this posting goes to the French supervisor who does not speak much English. After fiddling with the website, I found the numbers for the Vietnamese staff who speak good English. Their numbers are 0422166785 or 0972920308.

If you can overlook these deficiencies, you will find that Cebon is the best place in Hanoi to buy meat as the quality and prices are difficult to beat.

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