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Name: Hung Vuong - Hung King's Temple
Address: , Hanoi

Directions: head North West of Hanoi, Ho Tung Mau becomes Cau Gien, Highway 32 all the way to Co Tiet then turn right towards Phong Chau district

Phone: unknown
21.40928556697442 105.31322479248047
Description: Temples honoring the founders of ancient Vietnam.
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12 Dong Me Street, Me Tri Ward, Từ Liêm, Hanoi

0982 790869

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Newman (elite user)
Newman on Hung Vuong - Hung King's Temple
December 13th, 2009 at 7:55 pm

This is a fair way out of Hanoi, but more on that later. First, some context on the temple complex from the material:

"The Hung King's Temples are a group of historical monuments built on Nghia Linh mountain, at Hy Coung village, Phong Cau district, Phu Tho province. The genealogical book about Hung Kings wrote in 1470: From Dinh, Le, Ty, Tran dynasties to the time of Hong Duc (dynasty of last Le)the temples were always holding cult by people of Trung Nghia village..."

Hung King's temple is a special place, rich in history, culture, beliefs and traditions. I strongly recommend you go with Vietnamese friends to get a broader and deeper understanding of the significance of this place to all Vietnamese. From what we were told, most Vietnamese will try and visit this place at some point to pay respects to the Hung Kings. The major annual festival in the 3rd lunar month is a really big deal and would be amazing to be a part of.

The complex is up the mountain. When you arrive at the large parking area you need to go up the first set of steps to a broad plaza where, immediately to the right, is a small ticket booth. Tickets cost VND10,000 for entry to the complex. There are also good bathrooms here and a few small shops to buy water, incense sticks etc.

Apparently there are some 225 or so steps up to the very top of the complex. There are three main temples - low, middle and high with rest stops and clean bathrooms along the way. At the top is also the Hung King's Mausoleum. Each temple has it's own story and purpose. Visitors are welcome to partake of incense and offerings or not (entirely personal choice) and to enter inside the temples. Do remember this is a sacred place and make way for those who are making offerings and prayers as part of their journey.

Photographs can be taken inside and outside temples - there are a few of those photographer touts who will make offers, but discreetly. It was very busy when we were there with various groups but once they moved on the temples have a beautiful stillness to them.

At the middle temple there is a major rebuild going on so the temple is temporarily held in a tin shack. The rebuild is being done all by hand and looks impressive - no doubt they are aiming for completion by the next festival. A realy good opportunity to watch such work being done and to get some idea of how the original temples might have been built so far up the mountain.

We were impressed that there were few, if any, people touting for anything which is really pleasing to see given other experiences in different countries. This is clearly and important place, highly revered and aiming to be kept that way.

Getting there and back is an event in itself. Phong Chau is around 2-3 hours drive depending upon traffic and roadworks. We left western Hanoi around 8.15am and arrived around 10.30am. It would be a terrific motorbike excursion for a day. The countryside is beautiful and varied and if you happened to be unsure of directions, everyone will know where to point you. As usual, there are endless opportunities for food and drinks on the way back so take your pick!

We had an amazing day with great opportunities to learn more about Vietnamese history and culture and to learn more about our Vietnamese friends and what is important to them and their families. A recommended experience.

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