Name: LESH English Center
Address: 422 Le Duan Alley(right turn at the end), Đống Đa, Hanoi

Directions: The new Adress: 31 Giai Phong, opposite the French Hospital

Phone: 0915 11 8608
21.00611685766887 105.83653450012207
Description: A place to visit and have free Vietnamese courses in a language exchange and upholding program: ''Teach Vietnamese- Speak English''- Both sides huh?...

The new adress: 31 Giai Phong- Opposite the French Hospital...

Rating: 3.39 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 18 reviews.

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Language Link Vietnam

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62 Yen Phu Doi, Ba Đình, Hanoi

(+84) (0)24 3927 339

Language Link Vietnam is part of an international teaching group with its headquarters in London and more than 120 centres worldwide. Language Link Vietnam (LLV) was established in 1996 to train students in General English, Business English, the International English Language Testing Syste...

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coolhandreid on LESH English Center
December 8th, 2016 at 3:22 pm

This school regularly spams Hanoi Massive and other sites. They will have 30 different jobs posted all in a row on the same sites. It took me a while to figure out they were all the same.

We interviewed with the company and were not treated very well. At the 1st interview Linh looked at our documents for a second and asked about 5 questions and then asked us to come back in 2 hours to meet a hirer up boss. When we told them we couldn't come back at 2 but could come late afternoon or the next day they got very rude and hostel, we felt like we had to defend ourselves. Linh said "well then I guess someone else offered you better pay. Come back at 2:00 or you won't get the job."

We choose to attend our other interview we already had scheduled that afternoon as the whole situation really rubbed us the wrong way.

In addition to coming back at 2:00 for the second interview we were told we had to do a free demo class at a public school with all the other new hires and they only kept the teacher that all the students "voted for" and like the best.

Lesh has called us several times trying to get us to come back despite us not coming back as they demanded. The offered pay was $20.00 an hour but we never got to see the contract.

I would try to work elsewhere if possible.

majortio on LESH English Center
August 5th, 2010 at 11:31 am

Came there for free Vietnamese class. It took the 'manager' 20 minutes to get a teacher to his school as he seemed not to be expecting any students. But look and behold, to his own surprise, two teachers were already in the class room. Ok. The books were too small so I could not differentiate the tones and of course the teachers are just students without any knowledge of teaching. But it's all that's a plus, especially if you like to be in a small room where lifting your foot results in breaking the window. Teachers like this can be found on every street corner.
I was also informed that you could live in the center as the ultimate Vietnamese experience. And yes,...the 'manager' walked without ever knocking on the door into the room of one Londoner living there, still early in the morning I got introduced to a sleepy guy in his underwear.
Lesh center is just a fail.

chikacherry on LESH English Center
August 29th, 2012 at 3:23 pm

I'm finishing my work at LESH before going back to the States, and I have to say I actually have had a very pleasant experience working for LESH.

- The pay: as a relatively inexperienced (I'd tutored but never taught big classes until this summer) teacher without any cert or degree, who is also Vietnamese and a young woman, I get paid the lowest rate at any center. LESH pays me 500.000VND/1.5hr lesson, which is about $16. When I asked them why it was lower than their advertised rate, they said I'm still in my three-month probation period, and after that I'll get a raise. Even comparing with another center I was working at (Step Up, in M3-M4 Building on Nguyen Chi Thanh), this is still far better as the other place was paying me $9.5/hour and worked me to dead.

- The boss: I've never met Nate the big boss, but Huy, Bich, and Linh, the other boss and managers, are all extremely sweet, helpful, understanding, and efficient. They respect the teachers and the students (unlike the other center). The most important thing is that they don't hover over your head and be anal and annoying about your teaching. If your students respond positively and improve, they let you be. I get away with doing ridiculous drama stuff in class.

- The system: When you start with LESH, you start with one class. Only after you've proved yourself that you can teach and adjusted to LESH would they slowly give you more classes. As soon as they see you're a capable teacher, your schedule will be full before you know it. I find this system to be better than the other place I mentioned above, where the boss gave me two hundreds classes right from the beginning only after a week of very positive feedback from the students, and I was terribly overworked, underpaid, and not ready to teach that many classes.

- The routine: their receptionists would text AND call you on days you have class to remind you to go to work. They make sure you know you have work that day (and went furious the day another teacher went missing. They even called me and asked if I could help reaching her).

- Class time: I'm surprised the other reviewer said she has to spend 2 hours each lesson. That's very not true for the other teachers, and nobody keeps you there. 1.5hr includes roll call, checking homework, etc. (and I usually start class 10-15 minutes late to wait for everyone to come) so actual teaching time is always less than 1.5hr. It takes 1 minute signing in, and what I usually do is to come down and sign in while having my students doing a discussion. I'm also perpetually late, and even though they're paying me for 1.5hr, it's more often much less than 1.5hr of actual work.

- The classrooms: the center where I work at (on Phao Dai Lang) doesn't really have AC, so it's hot and stuff, and the fans are loud. I slowly got used to it, especially since the temperature has gone down a bit, but it was tough at first.

All in all, LESH is a very chill place to work for. I'd recommend it for those who haven't been spoiled by the elitist environment at Apollo or Language Link. It's not a prestigious employer and the centers don't look like much, but surely a nice, warm, and most importantly HONEST place to work for. My time there has been almost pressure- and stress-free, as long as I stay professional to the bosses and kind and helpful to the students.

I took away a star because it's not a "fancy" place with sparkling classrooms (only two-third of which are ACed) using pretty weird materials, and another star because, while time with LESH enriched me as a human being, I learnt only maybe half of what I would about professional teaching as I would at a bigger center.

Nybbler (elite user)
Nybbler on LESH English Center
December 7th, 2009 at 11:20 am

I cannot comment on their service but spamming all groups is not acceptable at all.

crazysas on LESH English Center
August 29th, 2012 at 12:00 pm

I love all the 5star reviews by people who join and write one review than disappear.LESH advertises on the TNH and in Job sections, the salary offered 18$-$25 hour sounded good.

It turns out the salary is less than $16 dollars an hour. The pay is 500k for 1 1/2 but the schedule calls for 1 1/2 without checking homework, opening or closing class, attendance, signing check in, being told new class or one is cancelled. So really in and out takes 2 hours not to mention the school has horrible traffic right when all the classes are 3-9pm.

The building: All the air cons are broken, non-existent or "being fixed" so the rooms are well over 35C.Vietnamese lessons they just grab a student and ask them to teach you on the floor WTF? The carpets are moldy as are the walls, the place including bathrooms looks like it's never been cleaned. The books are crap photocopies which you can't even read some pages. All in all stay away!

The few positives, met two teachers who seemed really good they said they were there just for a short time or 1 class. The students seem really sweet also.

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