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Address: 48A Ly Thuong Kiet , Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: Between Melia Hotel and Maison Centrale (Hoa Lo Prison) Working time: 9am-8pm from Monday - Saturday

Phone: (+84) (0)24 3939 390
21.02480921340036 105.84748935682000
Description: Having been working as Style Director for more than 5 years in Essensuals TONI&GUY Hanoi, i believe that high service quality, staff attitude, salon interior, technique are the most important points in hairdressing so i will bring all the best to you clients to make sure that all clients out of the salon without dissatisfaction. Because YOU ARE V.I.P
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12 Dong Me Street, Me Tri Ward, Từ Liêm, Hanoi

0982 790869

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Jones on hairdressing
October 25th, 2010 at 9:48 pm

This was my third visit to Justin's hair saloon and he did as fabulous job as always.

The first time I went the whole thing went smoothly - I got a colour I had longed for and the best cut I've ever had, and I was out of there in about an hour and a half.

Second time the whole process was a bit lengthier, but nevertheless, after my frustrations with the time, the result was impeccable.

Today - I had a few more problems. I ended up sitting with the color in my head for an hour and was definitely getting anxious, especially since it had been added only to my roots. Maybe some misunderstanding there since Justin mentioned he thought I only wanted my roots touched up. Sure enough - after the wash I was feeling very self conscious and could not stop staring at my bright red roots while the rest of the hair had staid brownish.. I mentioned my misgivings to Justin who told me time after time he really could not see the difference. Silently I was thinking he is just trying to avoid fixing his error with the colour and keps saying I have had so much better results from him that I would really be unhappy if he left my hair like that. (I was also silently thinking about posting a three star review based on this last visit)

After a while he agreed to add some more colour in my hair for few minutes to make it more even.. His assistant was so sweet while doing this, and while not being able to speak a lot of English was really trying settle my mood. (I may have been feeling a bit grumpy at the time, having had to argue about 5-10 minutes on re-adding the colour)

In the end - the hair was blow dried again and I could still see those red roots sticking out. But I had no more heart to complain so I just thanked Justin and said the result was a lot better now.

So I go home still a little bit disappointed - I look at the mirror - and sure enough - No red roots. None. Now I'm thinking I may have imagined them also the first time around! Or maybe it was the light in the saloon. In none of the mirrors I have can I spot any problems or misgivings about the colour or the cut - so the end result was impeccable in the end - again, as it has been every single time!

I will definitely go back as soon as my embarrassment wears off..

bitty on hairdressing
April 13th, 2011 at 10:19 pm

I'd had my long hair style for some time now and when i came back here to Hanoi I suddenly felt the need for a change. Just In M was one of the recommendations that I got so I gave him a try. the salon is pretty cool with all kinds of music playing and something to drink too. He has trained the staff well and they all are relaxed, yet professional. When he looked at my hair and I told him what I was thinking, he knew just what to do and the results were great! He is creative and still listens to his customers, a wonderful combination. I will definitely stay with this guy!

Longh (elite user)
Longh on hairdressing
November 8th, 2011 at 5:38 pm

I just called trying to make a reservation for my wife.

I was told, "Sorry my boss isn't here."
I asked if I could make a reservation and was told, "I'm sorry no" and then he hung up.

twee on hairdressing
June 23rd, 2011 at 7:00 pm

These guys were the only stylists I've found in Vietnam that were able to perm a full-on afro on me. Need I say more?!?!

This place suits the creative and daring. You think up of any kind of hairstyle you want and THEY WILL be able to do it. I've been to a number of stylists in Vietnam and haven't encountered anyone quite as edgy and artistic as them. You've seen those cookie-cutter K-pop hair boys and boys with all sorts of haircolors, including platinum blonde hair. No, no. They are a level above that: they are AVANT-GARDE. These guys drip with creativity, they are artists and should be doing exactly what they are doing.

Case in point: I walk into this place to be greeted by a very cute hairstylist (who happens to be younger than me...why? Why?!) with a...I don't even know how to explain this...grown-out black afro mohawk pulled up into a ponytail with short platinum blonde hair underneath, making him look like some kind of samurai from the future.

I told samurai boy I wanted an afro. But you see, with my experience in the past, "afro" to Vietnamese stylists meant "curly hair." I showed him a picture of my previous "fro" which looked more like tight, Shirley Temple ringlets: ergo, I was expecting to just get a similar re-perm of said ringlets. He proceeded to pop out his iPhone to show me a 'fro. A true, full-on afro in all of its glorious, natural nappiness. To my surprise, it was a picture of him a few months back with EXACTLY the afro I've been wanting to have. "Did you want this, or want what you had before?" he asked in Vietnamese.

I immediately plopped my ass down in the seat, eager to get the hair I've been wanting. Took them 6 hours to do, but they finally got it. Even had lunch ordered in for me, a ham and avocado sandwich. Justin ain't kidding with his slogan, "You are V.I.P."

My only gripe, however, was the price. I was quoted $40-50 for a perm. But because this was a special case (they've never had a client request an afro, and typically perms don't take 6 hours), the perm was pricey -- $100 USD which is expennnnssssive compared to other places. I'm sure I could've gone to a cheaper place to cross my fingers and see if I'd get the hairstyle I want or a "diluted" version of what I want. However, I finally got my fro. That's what matters.

Overall, these guys are the shit. Maybe it's just my taste, but I have never seen Vietnamese men with such hot style until I stepped into this place. (More body modifications need to be on men please!!) Boys, you are putting out a good name to Vietnamese men with your style!!! Haha.

(Refer to my profile pictures inside for the finished product)

dmiportion on hairdressing
December 19th, 2010 at 2:36 pm

I went there yesterday, employee are very nice even if they don't speak that much english, at least they tried :) first time for me in Vietnamese hairdresser :) and i really enjoyed it. very nice shampoo and head massage <3 and then the cut. if you know what you want like me everything goes fast and well done :)

i think i'll go back soon

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