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Name: Regency International Insurance
Address: 5th Floor, Press Club 59A Ly Thai To, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: Address is a mail drop only. Send an email to

Phone: (0)94 339 0101
21.02532596506590 105.85709095001220
Description: At Regency International Insurance, we help you find the right insurance to protect you, your loved ones, your employees, your business, your future.

*Health & Life Insurance for your Family or your Employees:
Our main focus is helping you find affordable, quality international health insurance that can get you or your family to 5-Star, world-class medical facilities by private medevac.

If you have Health or Life Insurance with Regency, you may also qualify for comprehensive motorbike insurance!

You deserve the best, and peace of mind costs much less than you think.

*For Schools and Businesses:
Public Liability, Fire and Flood, Group Accident, Employee Liability, Worker's Compensation, Theft of Money and Securities, Fidelity (dishonest employees) and Plant and Equipment Insurance.

*For Professionals:
We can help you choose Directors and Managers Liability Insurance, Engineers and Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Contact Nick Veltre at today for a quote!

Rating: 4.64 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 53 reviews.

8 reviews

No 13, Hang Dieu street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

0932 385525

You should definitely check out their website - most accurate information and photos that I could find among other sources. You'll be provided with the best properties available, honest pros and cons for every property, fair prices. No bullshit, no waste of time, your interests...

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Vince431 on Regency International Insurance
October 2nd, 2017 at 8:26 am

After having finally decided to get a health insurance in Hanoi, and having done a quick search online, the name that was always popping up was the one of Nick Veltre. So i gave it a go.
I wanna make clear that i'm quite finicky with everything, and this time was not exception. I had tons of questions and doubts to be answered since i wanted to be sure i'd choose the best insurance plan and company for my needings. Nick was there all along the process and answered all the questions i had through email rapidly, efficiently and thoroughly. And i mean the replies came very often few minutes after my inquiries. He also gave me any kind of suggestions and explained me where each company/plan differs in, giving me quotes from each of them and detailed brochures. Eventually it took me 2-3 weeks and hundreds of questions to decide what to choose, but he was patient enough to support me in every way he could, even if that implied mailing the company i eventually chose to add some coverage they didn't want to give me at first (for futile reasons...).
Last but not least, i had the feeling i could trust him in case some issue should raise with the insurance company, which is what a broker should always be there for.
For all these reasons i recommend him without reservations. Efficiency, honesty and straight talking: this is what you get.

mgstone2020 on Regency International Insurance
February 29th, 2016 at 9:28 am

Two months ago, I decided, at the age of sixty, to move from the US to Vietnam. This is my first time living outside the US. At my age, of course, I have some existing health issues. I was accustomed to the type of health insurance that top employers in the US provide for their employees. So, when I began to learn about health care in Vietnam, I began to think that I might need to take some big risks with my health (and my retirement savings).

As part of my research, I posted to the Vietnam section of Reddit, the online bulletin board system. That is where I met Nick Veltre. He responded to my question with some basic information and invited me to contact him privately, which I did. Nick asked me to complete a short questionnaire to learn about my needs. Then we conducted a Skype videoconference. Nick took the effort to get to know me and my needs so that he could create options and recommendations for me. He did not simply send me his brochures and price sheets. He went much further than that.

After a few more emails, Nick sent me a list of eight insurance plans offered by three insurance companies, with a summary of their coverage, limitations, and pricing, along with brochures for the three companies and recommendations for me personally. Nick answered all my questions about how the companies and their plans differ from one another and how that is reflected in the pricing.

I decided on a plan and notified Nick one week before my departure. The insurance company I selected is in the UK. So transmitting information via email across all the time zones (Seattle, Hanoi, London) could have become a problem. But Nick kept the information flowing and kept me informed every step of the application and underwriting process. He sent my policy documents to me the day before I left.

Actually, Nick is more than my health insurance agent. He has become a key resource for me and my first friend in my adopted home. He has introduced me to other English speaking expats and pointed out a couple bars where I could meet others (which I have). He even referred me to an expat who runs a motorbike shop. (A motorbike is almost essential here in Hanoi.)

I would recommend Nick to anyone who is interested in a health plan in Vietnam. He is an excellent insurance agent and goes beyond that.

Florian on Regency International Insurance
January 7th, 2016 at 2:52 pm

The Human Factor counts!
In times of online shopping, e-banking and smartphones I am missing the human factor everyday more.
So at least when it comes to our very privacy I demand personal and trustful assistance. That's what I get from Nick since years here in Vietnam. Just great to have the feeling that you are not just a nobody behind a policy number!

With Nick I and my family always feel save and in best hands. Just great.
Even last year when our son was hospitalized on Christmas Eve - Nick became our Santa Claus who sorted out everything for us.

So I can only recommend that one guy in town when it comes to the most precious thing we have: our health.

Thanks, Nick!

lailai on Regency International Insurance
March 22nd, 2013 at 8:13 pm

I am Vietnamese, I never believed in insurance before so when my boyfriend signed up for insurance with Nick I thought it was a little extravagant but I was willing to indulge him.Later When he had some health issues he got taken care of in Bangkok,I saw for myself just how good quality health care can be.Not only that but Nick made sure that all the arrangements were made and that all we had to do was sign a paper at the hospital to get all the bills taken care of.I sat down with Nick again and he explained how it could work for me in a way that I could understand.He is honest and he gave me options to choose from and I ended up with the most suitable policy for me.I also decided to insure my parents and he recommended a different option that fit them well. He helped with all the paper work and followed up on the applications to make sure it got done timely.Now I feel secure that we all have the best options for quality health care and treatment.Thanks Nick

suefeathers on Regency International Insurance
April 5th, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Being in a slightly odd situation vis a vis Health Insurance, I was glad to have the opportunity of a no strings, no obligation chat with Dominick of Regency to explore options. My company provides the best insurance I can imagine, but it's not possible to add any family members who don't work there. As I'm not only married but our daughter has recently come to join us, this posed a problem.
Dominick arrived without brochures, ready-to-sign standard agreements or preconceptions and took the time to get to know our situation before making some suggestions. These were appropriate to each of us individually and he explained clearly why he was making these recommendations.
He demonstrated the kind of care we could expect with (excellent) and without (aghhh) insurance, and how he was able to recommend relatively cheap but top class cover applicable only to South East Asia for our young daughter.
He also gave a timely warning that we should be sure to build up a record with a company as we would not be able to start a policy once we reached retirement age, should we still be out here. It is of course up to the employer how flexible they will be as to choice of provider, but Dominick made me aware that this is an important consideration in making job decisions.
Dominick undertook to send brochures of the companies he had suggested so we could make our own minds up. The lack of pressure made me feel confident in following up with Dominick, I particularly hate dealing with people who seem keen to sign one up immediately!
Dominick talked about his own family situation, (mixed nationality, mixed ages, etc) and this made us feel that he had similar concerns and was actively researching the best options for people in our situation.
The transparency in terms of commission, etc was a welcome change from past experiences of brokers whose motivations seem to be inevitably geared towards making money for them. The fact that this seems to be, if not a sideline, then certainly a secondary job for Dominick makes one feel that his interest in insurance is based on genuine concern for his fellows and desire to help make sense of an often confusing experience of living in another culture, rather than a lucrative moneyspinner for him. I certainly felt no pressure whatsoever.
Coincidentally, Dominick works together with someone I had met independently and discussed pensions with, but I felt no pressure there either to commit to the company.
Altogether this is a company I will deal with as and when I need advice or a product. It's not certain that Regency can solve everything for us - that's dependent on my company- but I certainly feel that we will get clear unbiased and sensible advice and that they will do the research we can't be bothered to do and haven't the know how anyway.
The four stars is only because we haven't finalised anything yet and because they (probably) can't work miracles!

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