Address: D2-D4, 98 To Ngoc Van, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

Directions: Head down To Ngoc Van from Xuan Dieu and remember to hand a left as To Ngoc Van turns. At the very end of the street, it will be just off to the left.

Phone: (+84) (0)24 3718 277
21.06790516905229 105.82237994683965
Description: A Veterinary Hospital for Companion Animals (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits. Turtles etc).
The Hospital is a subdivision of ASVELIS.
ASVELIS is a company that specializes in animal health and offers service for Pets, Farm Animals and Food Safety.

Rating: 3.52 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 21 reviews.

Asvelis has taken control of ASVELIS's TNH web presence.

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12 Dong Me Street, Me Tri Ward, Từ Liêm, Hanoi

0982 790869

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Stand-by-me on ASVELIS
November 3rd, 2015 at 6:46 am

My family has nothing but the highest praise for Asvelis Veterinary clinic.

Our 3 year old dog contracted a virulent liver and kidney infection that we realized could be fatal.

Dr Xavier and his Vietnamese Veterinarian team did their utmost to save our dog with a professionalism that was exemplary and equal to any 5 star vet practices in a western country

We realized from the start that our dog had a very slim chance of survival and Dr Xavier and colleagues were not dishonest to boost our hopes to unrealistic levels. They did everything in their power to ensure that all avenues were tried and that the dog was as comfortable as could be as her body became weaker and her temperature fluctuated to dangerously low levels.

We were encouraged to spend as much time as we wanted with the dog.

After 4 days we had to make the decision to euthanize the dog and the vets made it possible for us to take the dog to our house across the Red River while still on a drip. Two vets accompanied us in the taxi to the house and the dog’s favorite resting place where they administered the injection that put the dog to sleep and finally to its death

The vets’ compassion and professionalism towards the dog and our family at this time is beyond praise

amyg on ASVELIS
September 8th, 2013 at 3:23 pm

We recently used Asvelis to move our cat to Europe.

First of all, the reception staff are useless. Despite numerous visits and pouring money into their pockets, every single time we'd booked an appointment we were greeted on arrival with 'Oh, hello... Can we help you?' and we'd have to explain exactly what had already been done and what we needed done. On one occasion THEY told us which day to come in for an appointment, and when we showed up the surgery was closed for a national holiday. Very annoying when you have to take a 100k taxi there and back with a pissed off cat.

This was all okay though, because Camilla (the former international vet) was very knowledgeable about relocation, and made us feel very at ease. She'd moved plenty of pets and really knew her stuff.

However on our final, most important, visit before we flew Camilla had left the company and been replaced with a new international vet. I didn't catch her name because she wasn't exactly friendly. She had no clue about any relocation procedures and answered everything we asked with 'that's a good question'. We had made an appointment - it takes 5 minutes to have a look online and look at the requirements for taking pets to Europe. It clearly lists on Asvelis's website that they specialize in relocation, so she needs to do her homework. After our cat had finished his check, her inept assistant clung onto him trying to cuddle him while he was extremely stressed out. It was like watching an octopus falling out of a tree, but the vet didn't seem to care and we had to intervene instead.

Furthermore, she kept rambling about getting the cat dewormed or getting a flea treatment, neither of which we needed. I felt that they were trying to get even more money out of us. She seemed thoroughly miffed that people were showing up at an international vet's in Hanoi expecting her to know things about travelling with pets.

Finally, days before we flew, the documentation was completed, officially stamped and ready to go. Phew! Only for us to discover that every form said 'DOG' on it. This may have been a government mistake, but for the prices we were paying a cursory check from Asvelis would have been nice. Cue lots of frantic calls to the manager 48 hours before we were due to leave.

1 star for our cat now being in Europe, and 1 star for the manager Hana who is amazing and got us through everything despite everyone else being completely incompetent.

Go elsewhere if you can, or be prepared to spend a lot of money for extreme amounts of stress.

monikalolita on ASVELIS
September 8th, 2013 at 9:42 pm

After being a client of asvelis since the beginning, am done with them. After camilla left, they had a great australian vet Douglas, but just for 2 weeks...

Then even the vn vet well trained by camilla left.

Now the option is a foreign vet who has absolutely no idea what she is doing even for a simple problem, she has no experience at all and doesn't seem to care either. God forbid there is a serious problem. The local vet are just out of school,and don't even speack 1 word of english.

The price are very high, was happy to pay to have a great vet like Camilla, even if the clinic is always depressing, dirty, smelly, messy.

When the owner pay his vet peanuts, he cannot expect to have good foreign vet, only student, or young inexperience vet who want few months holidays in Vietnam.

That's a shame, since the owner is a Vet himself. The word in hanoi expat community is " he is better at selling roasted chicken , then being a vet or running a vet clinic " That say it all !

They absolutely don't care about the well being of the animals, only your wallet has their interest.

The manager has no clue about relocation procedure, she speack good english but that's about all.

Try to call the emergency number, if you are lucky you will get an answer, maybe once a week.

I don't mind paying a high price, as long as the vet is good.

I choose to follow the vet trained by Camilla, who are now in a new clinic, at least i know who trained them, if they have a doubt, they will get in touch with Camilla by skype who will give them advice.

As for the so called Kennel...You surely don't want to see the kennel near the airport, the facilities and the poor dogs and cats that have to be there.

We are talking about health, there is not way i will take a chance with a bad treatment , bad vet in vet clinic or a bad medical facility / doctor for myself or my family.

Luckily in Hanoi now we have more than one option for animals or human.

VyvyanTick on ASVELIS
May 11th, 2010 at 9:32 am

When we first arrived in Hanoi we boarded our dog at ASVELIS for two weeks. We were able to visit him once as we worked and looked for accommodation. He was in a back room/closet with no windows in a cage with his travel kennel on top of it. When we finally picked him up he was in a dreadful state. He had contracted scabies while at ASVELIS and the discomfort made him lick. He had licked so much that his fur was gone from around his genitals and down the inside of his hind legs. The scabies had also triggered an infection which when we collected him had been left untreated. Considering the extent of the affected area, he had this condition for a while and to not notice and treat it, the staff at ASVELIS were either grossly negligent or incompetent or both. We took him to PetHealth at 240 Au Co and the professional and attentive staff nursed him back to health.

I give them no stars. They get one star because apparently a review can't be posted without a rating of at least one star.

LiluFaery on ASVELIS
August 28th, 2013 at 4:26 pm

I have been to Asvelis a couple of time to buy food, litter and so on. I have also taken may cat for a couple of check-ups and to get her vaccine shots.
Now, I am moving, so I went there to talk about relocation.
The vet that used to work there, who seemed to be really knowledgeable about relocation procedures, was gone.
Now they have a new vet who seems inexperienced and puzzled regarding relocation, and had no idea of procedures.
The vet was not even able to reassure us that even though she knew nothing about taking our cat to another country everything was going to be OK.
Really not appropriate for a veterinary clinic located in certainly the neighborhood with more pet relocations in Hanoi.

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