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Grant (elite user)
Grant on TNH Hanoi
March 29th, 2011 at 9:12 am

Size-0 is 100% correct. "New hanoians is absolutly not free expression website"

Duh. It's the internet. You don't own it. Don't like it? Complain to someone who really cares. When you find that individual please write a review.

3 stars only because NewHanoian doesn't make me breakfast or wash my clothes. Which is pretty slack. Lift your game!

lmbaer on TNH Hanoi
March 24th, 2011 at 11:21 pm

In a word, awesome. I honestly don't know what I would do if this website didn't exist. A wealth of information that is unparalleled to anything I have seen in many other Asian cities. Downsides? Somewhat strict and counter-intuitive rules regarding posting questions. That and a pool of smug users that look for any opportunity to put you down/criticize your posting(s). Not sure why... Maybe something to do with a lack of affection as a child or something...

Despite this, I love this site and have to give praise to the people who run it. Keep up the good work guys!

psychprof on TNH Hanoi
January 14th, 2014 at 10:23 am

tired of the despots in the 'censorship' department. I did an updated review of The Press Club (followed the rules, edited previous review) and I was informed by someone named Somoa that my review had been deleted because they were convinced that I was the owner of the business!!! I wish I had that kind of money.
I sent an email back letting them know that they should check their information more carefully, that I am not in any way associated with the Press Club, not even a member.
Result? absolute silence, no response, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.
Get with the program TNH, try a little courtesy, do a little research, and get the little 'corporals' to be less abusive of their position. Still waiting for apology, hence this review.

linhchi_vu on TNH Hanoi
May 7th, 2011 at 8:27 am

Woo... Something smells like politics in here! :)))

First thing first, 5 stars for this website - rating is the first purpose, right? As a real Hanoian, I thank this website for giving me, as well as my other Hanoian friends, more knowledge about our Hanoi.

About the reviews, it really is kinda personal. We see things, feel things differently. For example, I hate donuts coz hell they're sweet!!! But lots of people I know love those donuts and the reason? Coz they're damn sweet!!!

Each person's review is based on his/her taste and his/her experience. That "experience" thing is really tricky. Of course sometimes that place really is a scam. But sometimes, you got to the restaurant when the chef is in his/her bad day. Come on we're not saints! We all have bad days. Bad food as the consequence. The next day, it's terrific! Imagine you got there in a bad day with a huge group? My goodness! Bad luck for the restaurant!!! That's why we should be careful with our reviews and wait on others' reviews to really judge a place/service, not to mention something is bad to you but it's good to others.

In Vietnamese, we call everything "culture". We have culture of eating, culture of communicating, etc. Please have a "culture of posting". Obviously, when you had a very bad experience about a place, you must give it a 1 star. How could you give 3 stars to a place that ripped you off? However, you don't have to pour your anger out by using ugly language. Whatever you do, please remember that you're better than your anger. And for god sakes, you may not like that stupid place but someone else does! That's when someone should say "Meh!" at your review. (That function is hilarious BTW... LOL and I HATE IT!!! Worst part is I can't fail it!!! :))))

And I know 1 thing 100% sure, sadly, is that we have hateful people everywhere. There are people who have problems with almost everything. Some people have fun in confronting other people, or in pissing other people off. Solution in such situations are either to ignore that one or simply delete his/her hateful reviews.

hanoikiwi (elite user)
hanoikiwi on TNH Hanoi
January 16th, 2014 at 11:02 pm

I have been a member for quite a longtime.

Reading psychprofs review it struck me that indeed there appears to be mods who appear to be on a powertrip versus just checking reviews etc are okay.

The Prof actually may mean Somua who has deleted a number of reviews and added an endless list of "places" and follows them all.......

So TNH - Elliot and Grubby - have you sold it? leased it out??

I thought this was a forum where:
- reviews were allowed - positive or negative
- structured comment/discussion/argument was encouraged
- cheek and shit stirring was tolerated/slightly encouraged as long as it was not sexist/racist....etc
- fun was also an aim - "bod" - one of the funniest things ever........

So it seems as though the mods are the new kids in town and in this case don't know that the Press Club is part of Appletree Asia...
Archetype Architecture
Annam Fine Foods
The Warehouse
Yves Roche
L'Residence (Hue}

If you own all that Prof good luck to you!

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