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Description: A computer technical support and repair company.
Attack campaign compromises 300,000 home routers, alters DNS settings
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Newman (elite user)
Newman on
January 5th, 2011 at 11:02 am

Over the last few months I have had occasion to contact Quy over a couple of matters. All my contact with him has been via email.

Firstly, I was interested in upgrading the RAM on my little netbook and asked Quy for quotes and so forth. He was very quick in responding and provided me with quotes that looked entirely reasonable.

However, I decided to go the whole hog and get a new laptop. So, having received it recently, along with it's "demo" Microsoft software, I started looking around for the genuine licenced versions of Windows 7 and MS Office. Though it be unpopular these days, I genuinely like MS products overall.

I emailed Quy again asking if he sold these products. He quickly responded, advising me that he does not sell genuine MS products due to low demand (this of course may change...) but directing me to three different stores in town that would be able to help me.

What impressed me the most is his transparent honesty, particularly in the software issue. His quick and detailed responses are also excellent. Truly providing a first class service and will always be my first call for IT-related matters in the future.

thunderpussy on
March 23rd, 2015 at 8:09 am

(To be sung to the tune 'Bad Brain' by The Ramones).

(Johnny Ramone shouting '1-2-3-4!')

Quyda fixed my computer, got it working again,
He did whatever he did, took away my pain.
Now let's all applaud Quyda, for his hi-tech brain.
His hi-tech brain! Hi-tech brain!

The dude likes his hop, probably House of Pain,
But that's not important, just saying He's Got Game.
And a hi-tech brain! Hi-tech brain!

He'll make your hard-drive groovy, get it right as rain.
It all went over my head, when he tried to explain.
My cerebral cortex is tiny, compared to that guy's brain.!
His his hi-tech brain! Hi-tech brain!
Hi-tech brain! Hi-tech brain!
Hi-tech brain! Hi-tech brain!
Hi-tech brain! Quyda's hi-tech brain!....

pippasweetie (elite user)
pippasweetie on
February 7th, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Redgirl (my loyal lappy) played too hard and fast, caught a virus or 8 and crashed out. Lost without her I turned to computer geek husband, who was clueless on this ocassion. He and planned to take her to work on Monday to find a doctor for her but I was anxious to have her in my hands again.I had seen Quy's posts on the NH and he had answered some of my questions so I urged husband to give Quy a call. Quy doned his super cape and flew to Ciputra to save this damsel in distress. Quy gave Redgirl a thorough physical and eventually took her overnight, returning her the next cleansed and restored - her bad behaviour a thing of the past. Husband also asked Quy to help set our network password too, something we had been challenged by.
Quy's number will be in my speed dial from now on, and I will gladly recommend him to others. Great service, reasonable fee and he speaks English- helpful to me as my Vietnamese is sadly lacking.

NickinNam on
April 9th, 2010 at 1:43 pm

A friend of mine landed in Hanoi yesterday for a visit. For some strange reason, he could not fire up his laptop on arrival, even though it was working fine before he got on the plane.

I knew Quy from the message boards and suggested we give him a call.

Quy was at my friend's hotel within 30 minutes. He spent more than an hour trying to get it to work. He brought the laptop home with him overnight.

Quy called me early this morning with the diagnosis: The "solid state hard drive" is fried. No repair possible. My friend must seek repair under warranty for the defective part. Quy hopped on his bike and brought the defective machine to my front door within the hour.

Quy would accept no payment since he could not repair the problem.

He goes out of his way. Quy is there when you need him. His English is surpassed only by his technical knowledge and customer service ethic.

There is no need to go looking when you need a computer guy. Quy is all you'll ever need.

BacDavid on
March 3rd, 2010 at 9:19 pm

There are two IT guys that come highly recommended by New Hanoiians. I phoned one of them but tuned out when it became clear that he wasn't listening to me. Moving on to QuyDa, I was pleased to have a genuine exchange of information with a fellow who's well-trained (FPT, Hilton Opera Hotel) and has a service ethic. Can't say that he saved my data (it was already irretrievably lost), but we got on well. His English is very strong. Next time I'll head straight for Quy and stay well clear of places like the 'Laptop Hospital' on Ly Nam De (near Cua Dong). Bac David

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