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Name: Truc Bach Lake
Address: , Ba Đình, Hanoi

Directions: Just across Thanh Nien from West Lake...north of the Old Quarter.

Phone: unknown
21.04661533673754 105.83868026733398
Description: A small lake separated from West Lake by the narrow Thanh Nien roadway and ringed with restaurants and cafes.
Rating: 2.75 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 4 reviews.

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R.206 CT1-1 Building, Me Tri Ha Str, My dinh, Từ Liêm, Hanoi


4 Reviews (Followed by 3 users)
LifeisaBeach on Truc Bach Lake
July 16th, 2009 at 5:39 pm

It's as described by others and very accurate ! We live here in the Skyline and have the views mentioned. But the lake now has its very own LIVE Mermaid...over last couple of weeks right in front of everyone around at street level and from our balcony this lady strips down to her birthday suit, naked as the day she was born and goes for a swim, bathes and generally frolics around....usually happens between 17:30 -18:30...spotted 1st at the Water Purification Station (does that thing actually work?) and the next week at the Swan Boat area...I have seen a lot in my time, but bathing starkers in Truc Bac takes the prize...

Annalea (elite user)
Annalea on Truc Bach Lake
December 18th, 2008 at 3:10 pm

Ah Truc Bac, it's one of those places you need to take a step back to enjoy. Up close you'll see one of the most polluted stagnant lakes in Hanoi. It is used as a toilet by xe om, taxi, and basket ladies alike. Storm drains pour the street filth directly into the lake. At the same time fish is being pulled out either one at a time by hook or a boat full at a time by net. It has turned me off of eating fish in Hanoi, if not Vietnam.
When you take a step back and over look all these things it is beautiful place. It is lined with old growth trees, parks and park benches. It makes a for a nice place for a 20 minute walk. It's also a great place to people watch. You'll find old men chatting, loads of people eating hotpot, teens eating ice cream, and couples seeking privacy.
I hope one day Vietnam and its people get their act together and stop turning a 5 star location into a 3 star location by using them as a public toilet and trash bin.

preeko on Truc Bach Lake
December 16th, 2008 at 3:12 am

I like the area but the lake itself is pretty gnarly. Gnarly in this case meaning bad.

Check the cited pollution report in the Wikipedia entry on it (yes there is a Wikipedia entry on Ho Truc Bach).

I also spotted an old woman taking a poop in it the other day. I wish I hadn't.

bartkus (elite user)
bartkus on Truc Bach Lake
December 2nd, 2008 at 10:34 pm

Can't there be a love-hate option for the rating?

I think the lake is a great area for expats looking for a place to live - its generally quiet in the evenings, especially on the little island (which, if you need it, is a great place to learn to ride a motorbike), but more convenient than the West Lake area more to the north, being a 15 minute walk from the edge of the old quarter and a 15 minute motorbike ride from the main Ba Dinh business area. And there are swan boats.

On the other hand, there is the actual lake itself, which is a brackish, awful little concoction of dead fish, trash and the excrement. According to Wikipedia, its one of the most polluted in all of Hanoi, and if you get too close, your nose will concur with that assessment. If John McCain had crash landed into the 2008 version of the lake instead of the 1960s version, no one in their right mind would have jumped in to fish him out, and he would have a lot more skin cancer problems than he already has. Its a wonder that a lot of fish actually live in the lake (in the morning you see whole schools of them doing something at the top of the water, maybe feeding, maybe screaming for help). You get the idea - enjoy from a distance, and don't rock the swan boat.

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