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Name: VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
Address: #64, Alley 71 Tan Ap, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

Directions: Head away from the Long Bien Bridge toward the Sofitel Plaza on the riverside of the dike road. Look for Tan Ap on the right, and turn left on alley 71. On the right.

Phone: +84914 931 390
21.04791703403154 105.84575727581978
Description: VIP Bikes is in its 5th year of operation! We're proud of all we have achieved so far, and we look forward to many more years of strengthening the local community. To celebrate our successes, we're planning a birthday bash... Watch this space for more information!

VIP Bikes Social Enterprise provides high-quality training in a supportive and caring environment for street kids and disadvantaged young people in Vietnam.

You have heard the horror stories that can happen with buying a second hand bike. If you have found a bike you'd like to buy, book it into VIP Bikes to get a VIP Bikes Seal of Approval. We will assess the bike; give you an idea of its market value; provide a mechanical report; and check all legal documents .Bookings essential via email to


For up to date "information" about VIP BIKES S/E , our current projects/training and works , visit our face book page " VIP Bikes Social Enterprise "


vip bikes team.

Rating: 4.89 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 5 reviews.

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2nd Floor, 285 Building, Doi Can Street, Ba Đình, Hanoi

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pete123 on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
October 29th, 2010 at 2:10 pm

I needed a mechanic when my bike went pop but after being here for over two years, my faith in the mechanical abilities of most street shops had faded.
It sat unloved in the corner of my living room for months, gathering dust and lizard faeces, when I read of VIP bikes on this very website. I popped over one afternoon and Andrew and I talked bikes. First thing I noticed amid the spannering and tuning was how clean the place was! Tools cleaned and stored away after use, proper tools not 'my Grandad's old hammer and chisel', and the boys obviously took pride in their job and environment. Andrew was enthusiastic, my bike is a little uncommon and he was up for the challenge. Besides, it would be good vocational training for his staff, which if you don't know already are guys from the Blue Dragon charity.
Andrew said he'd investigate the availability of parts, source what ever he could and let me know when to bring it in. A week later I dropped it off.
Now, Andrew and I are bike nuts and are equally fastidious when it comes to repairs. I was pleased when after initial inspection the quote he gave me was comprehensive. No half measures, he said if he was going to take it on it would have to be done right, and any part that had failed or was due for renewal would be replaced. I readily agreed, it's good practice, and I gave the go-ahead.
I popped over every now and then to see the progress and Andrew was clear and thorough in his diagnostics and methodology.
The repair took a while, for the parts were indeed tricky to locate, and Andrew wouldn't release the bike until he was satisfied with his work. Now, I appreciate that. Customers should be aware that these things often take time.
Andrew called to say the bike was ready and I was happy to receive an itemised invoice listing every part replaced and the labour calculation.
The work is warranted and I get a free check over and service in 500km! Now you can't beat that for customer satisfaction.
And you know what, I'd paid and gone to leave when Andrew called me back, 'Mate, you've given me too much money!'
With honesty like that, I've every faith in the place, and highly recommend VIP Bikes.

Cabbage on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
February 4th, 2010 at 2:44 pm

Again 5 stars. Would give more but 5 is all I am allowed. Andrew is a lovely bloke and the rest of the guys there seem just as nice.

I have rented 7 bikes from maybe 4 different places here. A couple of those were replacements for bikes that had problems ranging from speedo, lights and brakes not working, not starting and all the way up to the near sinful horn not working.

This is the first time I have climbed on an been confident that I wasn't riding a death trap. First time I went with a friend to pick one up. After seeing the place and the bike my friend got I gave back my rented piece of garbage forgoing two weeks of paid rental to go and get something I felt a little safer on. Can't give higher praise than that.

Keep up the good work guys!

TscTempest (elite user)
TscTempest on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
December 5th, 2008 at 2:16 pm

Strewn on either side of a lane barely big enough for two bikes to pass, whislt overtaking an elderly gent, are the small goods and products of a variety of shops, and some one hundred meters or so along this lane is the repair shop of VIP Bikes.

Andrew Souto, in conjunction with Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, runs this clean and efficient workshop, a workshop that helps to give disadvantaged youth new oportunities.

It's hard to get a bike for hire here. The place is so popular with the Expat community. I was lucky, right place, right time, just a day or so to wait on a rental return - a nice, bright & shiny, red Sym Elegant, with a bit over 300 clicks on the clock. Fantastic!

Not only is the monthly rent reasonable, but they also threw in a monthly service and wash at no extra charge. The bike was supplied with a full tank of petrol and I was also given a few tips on parking matters here in Hanoi.

The bike handles well and I look forward to having it for some time to come.

Rentals are usually long term, hence the wiating list, and as I understand it, because of demand, Andrew will be bringing in several new Honda Waves shortly.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to put my money where there is a great chance of it being a real benefit, and I believe that VIP Bikes is providing excellent and desperately needed vocational training.

For me, renting a bike from VIP Bikes is money well spent.

justgoose on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
July 25th, 2008 at 12:04 pm

Having gone through the process of arriving in Hanoi and vowing never to straddle a motorbike here, I quickly found that Xe Om drivers not only provide the cheapest, most ineffective helmets available, but generally can't ride a bike safely - no, not even after a few drinks, something that many Xe Om drivers indulge in while waiting for customers.

So I evolved the idea that it would be safer to rent my own bike and came across VIP Bikes. I chatted with Andrew on the phone and he then emailed me some information so I could look over the details and take my time over this decision.

Happy to proceed, I visited the VIP workshop (which is actually easy to find) and was given an overview of VIP Bikes and how it works and ties in with the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation ( to help disadvantaged young people in Hanoi.

Andrew then showed me the (brand new) bike he had available for me, explained the controls (I'm new to bikes) and we then went for a spin round the block so I could get a feel for the bike.

Andrew also gave me some tips for driving in Hanoi ("use your indicator so that if you have an accident, you can at least demonstrate that it probably wasn't your fault"), filling up with fuel, and the fact that if you have a problem with the bike, he will be at the end of the phone to sort out the issue.

Andrew is not a salesman. Not once did I feel under pressure to take the bike and in fact his most used phrase was "I'm not going to force the bike on you". That he speaks English (actually Tasmanian) is a big help in explaining all you need to know and answering stupid questions.

So I took the bike and now have the challenge of Hanoi's traffic to cope with - but that's another story.

VIP Bikes also sell Protec helmets at a decent price. Protec helmets actually... wait for it... protect you head!! Unlike many other bits of plastic that people seem to stick on their heads here, Protec helmets might actually save your brain not only from the first impact with the illegal taxi that jumps a red light and T-bones you at 40 miles an hour, but also from the second impact as your head hits the muddy pavement. Nasty but true and with a decent helmet the whole experience will no less comfortable than an over enthusiastic dose of Shiatsu.

And the other thing I like about Protec is that they are the world’s first non-profit helmet manufacturer ( and cost less that a decent night out.

So to conclude about VIP Bikes:

New bikes
Regularly serviced to prevent problems
English speaking staff
Cater for novices
Telephone assistance
No hard selling
Great value
Not for profit
Excellent, friendly experience.

chameleon on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
May 31st, 2008 at 8:14 pm


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