Name: Nancy's Housing
Address: , Đống Đa, Hanoi
Phone: 0983311808
21.02032662731681 105.82117760179244
Description: A housing company managing several service aprtment residences focusing on long term, serviced residence living.
Rating: 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 4 reviews.

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40WPM on Nancy's Housing
April 26th, 2012 at 2:00 pm

My experience with Nancy has been great. After reading many a horror story about landlords(in general, not just vietnam) I wasn't expecting much in terms of honesty but Nancy came through on just about everything including getting my deposit back at the end of my stay. Anytime I had a problem she was there to help.
I stayed at the 169 Kim Ma apartment complex. Which was a little noisy in the beginning but then quited down eventually. It's tucked away so that you don't get all that traffic noise from Kim Ma. I was there for nearly 6 months I belive. I'll be coming back to Vietnam in a month and I hope I'll be able to work with Nancy to find myself a place to stay again.
If you value honesty in a landlord, go with Nancy.

Yoann on Nancy's Housing
November 20th, 2008 at 1:35 am

Hi guys! I'm Yoann from France. I lived in Nancy's guest house during 4 month ( from April to August ) and i want to thank Nancy for her warm and friendly welcome (visit my blog for details).

All the time i lived in her house was good. Her guest house are well placed in a quiet part of Hanoi not far from some shops, restaurants, or bus stations.
Adding to these first qualities, Nancy is very helpfull she always was here to help me, to give me some shoulders ect...

She taught me how to cook spring rolls an others things, i only have good rememberings.

I was back in vn in october and i was able to leave vn without meet her again. She gave me the same welcome.

Her room are very cheap and well-equipped as well, if not better than hotels. Advantages are that you have your own keys, it permit to be more independant, and you have a kitchen, a washing machine, a motobike of you need, she can help you to book tours...
I hope to come again in your house maybe in febuary.

Hen gap lai ban Ngoc. Em chuc chi Ngoc hanh phuc. Yoann nho ban Ngoc. Cam on rat nhieu.

Khumbu (elite user)
Khumbu on Nancy's Housing
May 1st, 2008 at 7:24 pm

Let me say from the outset that Ms Nancy is a lovely and very honourable woman. She really helped me out when I was desperate to find accommodation, by letting me sign an one month contract when her normal minimum term is either three or six months (can't remember which, I'm afraid). She gave me flowers when I moved in, and she always answered the phone when I called her to ask about issues related to the house. And when I moved out after one week, she refunded me the complete amount of the unused rent for the rest of the month, although I believe she was under no legal obligation to do so. I feel very fortunate in relation to how Ms Nancy treated me in this situation.

Having said this, the reason I moved out was because the guest house was not up to my hygiene or noise standards. However, I think I experienced an alignment of bad factors, and I'm willing to believe this is not how other people may find the guest house in the future. Other residents seem to have stayed for quite a long time - it may just be I have different expectations in relation to accommodation.

Ms Nancy has two guest houses - I stayed in the one in 12 / 12 Nguyen Phuc Lai, Dong Da. I managed to get a (admittedly spacious) room that both faced the street and had a frosted glass door and window connecting my room to the shared bathroom. The facing neighbours, with lounge rooms of all of 8 meters away from my bed, played music / the TV extremely loudly until 11pm at night. The frosted glass provided no sound insulation and very little light insulation from the shared bathroom: for the entire time I was there I was woken up at random hours each night, as another resident used the bathroom. Suffering from sleep deprivation due to no fun cause makes me very cranky indeed.

From what Ms Nancy said, I think there was a bit of a problem with the cleaner - in any case, from the Wed morning I moved in until the Mon lunchtime I moved out, the place was not cleaned (although I think it was due to be cleaned on Monday afternoon). By this stage the bathroom was in quite an unappealing state, the ground floor displayed the corpses of numerous cockroaches (actually, some were still alive) and the smell of mould emitting from the laundry was almost enough to make me dry gag. My room didn't suffer these indignities, but when I walked on the floor barefoot, I did end up with black soles. Not a selling point.

Further, as a completely Vietnamese neighbourhood, the only food supply in walking distance was street vendors. I'm still wary of street stalls and I don't like catching Xe Oms at night, so this really didn't work well for me. There was a functional kitchen, but I was not yet up to cooking for myself here.

Ms Nancy's may be worth checking out if you're looking for a cheap mid-term stay (was US$10 / day, US$280 / month, all appliance bills included), but be sure you understand fully what you're getting in a room (many of them don't have the connecting door) and how often the cleaning will occur.

jacson on Nancy's Housing
March 27th, 2008 at 4:41 pm

Nancy! You are a tremendous landlady! Thank for a wonderful stay!Good luck.

Jason Lee

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