Name: MIC – Minh Quang International Cooperation., JSC
Address: Số 7, Phố Nguyễn Khả Trạc, Phường Mai Dịch, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi

Directions: No 12, Dong Me Street, Me Tri Ward, Tu Liem South District

Phone: 0974622815
21.04477792157366 105.77582169324160 WebSite:

Description: ESL teachers, English teachers, English training,...
Rating: 1.6 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 5 reviews.

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decgirlie90 on MIC – Minh Quang International Cooperation., JSC
November 7th, 2016 at 7:49 am

This is the most terrible company i have ever known in the world. They treat the employees badly, especially the boss who looks very kind and warm, fucking ass!

Stay away from them!

DustinCenter on MIC – Minh Quang International Cooperation., JSC
February 2nd, 2016 at 3:43 pm

They were so nice and then never paid us. I also met other teachers that were never paid too. They motor bikes they rented us broke down the first week. Then They dropped us off in places far away and had to get a taxi to get back and pay for taxi. There are some good places to work in Vietnam this is not one of them.

AWOL AGAIN on MIC – Minh Quang International Cooperation., JSC
March 23rd, 2015 at 1:38 am


Ross24 on MIC – Minh Quang International Cooperation., JSC
July 1st, 2017 at 12:27 pm

I originally wrote my high scathing review of MIC on the 27th May. I decided to delete my original review and post a new review of the company. The sole reason being that I did not want my review to be buried underneath a review which is clearly fake or MIC put significantly pressure on one of their teachers to write the review.

The fake review I am referring to is by Peter Thomas. There are a few reasons why the review rings alarm bells. Between March 23rd 2015 and 27th May 2017 there had been 4 reviews of MIC. Less than a week after I posted my highly scathing review suddenly a review gushing with praise for the company appeared. The timing in itself is incredibly suspect.

The review is clearly trying to counter my review. Peter Thomas discusses a number of same areas as me such as the 21,000VND conversion rate issue and he talks about the consequences of having your business visa revoked.

Peter Thomas mentions how there is always two sides to each story about staff and the company falling out of love. I want to emphasis the fact that MIC never got me a job. I never turned up drunk or late to work because they never found me any work.

I acknowledge that my first interview with MIC was bumpy. I made many mistakes, I was inexperienced. MIC never had the guts to tell me that I was not good enough. They just told me to do a visa run and assured me there was work waiting for me once I got back from Bangkok. Then when I got back from Bangkok they just tried to stay quiet and duck under the radar. Still they did not have the guts to turn to me and say 'look you are not good enough, this will not work out'. Only after I kept messaging them did I eventually get the truth from them.

Peter Thomas made the comment that the schools away from the major cities (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Da Nang) will not employ teachers directly and to get them jobs you have to use recruitment companies such as MIC. There is very much a flip side to this comment. The reason schools outside of the tier 1 cities and tourist areas use recruitment companies is because at least in some instances they struggle to recruit people on there own. A significant number of backpackers are reluctant to relocate outside of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The company I am working for at the moment is having to put many incentives in place to encourage the people currently working for the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh branches to relocate.

Here is my original review -

There is not enough negative words in the dictionary for me to fully convey how much I hate this company and Doan (one of the staff at the company). The company lied to me, wasted my time and I got banned from Vietnam because of them!

The first thing you need to know about this company is it is a recruitment company rather than a school or language centre in its own right.

When I had an interview with them I did not have any teaching interview. I did a demo lesson and they gave me lots of pointers on how to improve. I said I wanted part time work in Hanoi. We agreed on an hourly pay of $19 because of my lack of experience.

They quote you in dollars but pay you in dong. They have an atrocious exchange rate. They pay 21,000 Dong per 1$. Whereas a dollar is actually worth over 22,000 Dong. This may not seem like a big deal but it all adds up. At today's conversion rates (27th May), 399,000VND (19*21,000) only equals $17.59.

On the 24th Jan Doan said a lot of schools shut on that day for TET holiday and would open again around the 10th. I thought MIC would email me on the 9th, 10th or 11th regarding training or a potential job. On the 12th Jan I gave them a nudge.

They replied to my email and I agreed to go to there office on the 16th Feb. On the 16th they announced they didn't have work in Hanoi and asked me if I would be interested in working outside of Hanoi, doing 100 hours for $1200 and free accomodation. I was surprised the pay was so low, they said it was because the job was located outside of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. At the time I still trusted the company and did not have any teaching experience so I stupidly agreed to this terrible contract. At the time I had not even factored in the terrible conversion rate. It would probably actually of ended up being closer to $1150.

They then asked me to get my original documents sent from home and asked me to to do a visa run to Bangkok so they could get me a business visa. The flights and taxis to and from the airport cost over $200.

I got back to Hanoi on the evening of the 22nd Feb and then had to wait to the 27th to watch another teacher doing a lesson. Bear in mind every day I was sitting around waiting in Hanoi, I was spending $14 on food and accomodation.

Then after the 27th I did not hear anything from MIC. On the 4th March I said to them I will have to start applying to other companies because I could not afford to just keep sitting around. They told the government I was no longer working for them and said my business visa could now be treated as a tourist visa.

I did some trials with other companies and after an unsuccessful trial I returned to Hanoi. The immigration police then came knocking and started asking me why I was not working for MIC. I tried to explain to them that MIC never offered me a proper job.

Based on information a contact of mine told me, I now have reason to believe that MIC lied to the immigration department and said I just suddenly stopped responding to any of there calls. I get the impression they did not admit that they never were able to find me work.

Because of the fiasco with MIC I got banned from Vietnam.

Here are some more reviews of MIC

I believe Ta Tony works for MIC, he will message you privately on FB from his personal account rather than using the MIC page. I discuss it further in this post.

In hindsight you do not need to sign up to a recruitment company to get work in Hanoi. Instead you can use this site (tnhvietnam) and the Hanoi English Teaching Jobs Facebook page. I have got many interviews ad job offers through the Facebook page. I just email my CV to anyone who advertised a job on the Facebook page. On my CV there is no teaching experience.

If you want to work outside of Hanoi and Ho Cho Minh you can still get jobs paying $20 an hour. If you want to work outside of the two major cities you do not need to lower your pay expectations.

peter thomas
peter thomas on MIC – Minh Quang International Cooperation., JSC
June 2nd, 2017 at 3:35 am

I have worked for MIC for over two years now in that period I have been placed In some great Teaching positions and truly have been able to enjoy real Vietnamese culture all that aside , I have enjoyed working for MIC they have always paid me on time or in advance if I have ever needed any help ! They supplied me with a 125cc scooter that was great when I first started teaching for them in Hanoi even though I only had minor experience I was placed in a position two days after my initial interview .I've read some bad reviews about the company , as usual there are two sides to a story such as teachers getting drunk and missing classes or taking money in advance to help them and then leaving the company with no notice all of which are breaking your contract so read the contract carefully if you don't like it talk to them or don't sign it , I have worked for other companies in Vietnam where you only receive 1000us at the current rate but pay your own accommodation and I have met teachers in Dong Hai who only receive 800us but with accommodation and they think I'm receiving great money but Dong Hai is beautiful so they are happy, I'm receiving 1450us at the conversion of 21000 dong a month but no accommodation costs so I'm very happy over all with MIC they have helped me always and never refused time off when I've needed to take off for family reasons as long as they have some notice in advance . I believe if you want to teach in Vietnam away from the cities is the best way to meet and be immersed in the culture , I have worked two school years at the same secondary school thanks to MIC and will be going back for a third after the summer holidays because they are the most wonderful teachers and friends I could have ever hoped for , schools this big and away from major cities will only hire you through companies such as MIC or centers , you cant just walk in off the street . I will continue to work for MIC for future years ! so read you contract properly no matter who the company is if you break your contract and they revoke their sponsorship you could be asked to leave or even banned from Vietnam in some cases by immigration .
Best regards Mr John Terry

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