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Name: Moo Beef Steak (Royal City)
Address: 79 Nguyen Trai -- R1 14-15, B2, Royal City , Hanoi

Directions: R1 14 - 15 - Level B2 Food Village

Phone: (+84) (0)246.664.186
21.00306538693976 105.81393716338425
Rating: 2.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 2 reviews.

Restaurant Type:
Beer-hall style
Opening Hours:
Lunch, Afternoon, Evening
Take Out:

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R.206 CT1-1 Building, Me Tri Ha Str, My dinh, Từ Liêm, Hanoi


2 Reviews (Followed by 1 user)
psychprof on Moo Beef Steak (Royal City)
October 21st, 2013 at 1:47 pm

have been to the original Moo Beef Steak about two years ago and was not impressed with the meal, cannot say that this new upscale location is any better.
nicer surroundings inside, kind of like a beer hall with long tables (as well as more intimate ones) that are not quite benches and the seating is softer.
very loud, and a lot of annoying balloon popping by children who are immune to any kind of decibel challenge.
there are some nice touches, but not enough to boost the stars rating.

1. nice stuff: a small bun with a pork pate is complimentary as an appetizer, as was a plate with two pieces of round bread for the main, and a small shot glass of what is supposed to be a creme caramel for dessert (but tasted awful)

2. not so nice stuff: small portions and high prices so that you pay more for a small rib eye (140 grams) for over 240,000 dong. no bargain. AND, the steaks are thin and just can't be 'grilled' as one would like without overcooking them. These steaks are barely a centimeter high and thus the double cheese burger across the aisle at Lotteria, looked positively appealing.

very annoying selection of 'sauces' that cover your steak whether you want it or not. I had the 'cheese' sauce as it was mandatory with the mashed potatoes that came with my meal. not cheesy, godawful colour and definitely not wanted.

no difference between the 140 gram small and the 180 gram medium size steak that we ordered. felt like a bit of a rip off although 40 grams is not much weight. of course, you can get 300 gram steaks if you are willing to fork out 400,000 dong or more depending on the 'grade' of beef. the waiters will push the 'tenderloin' which is the best and most expensive cut and it should be considering I can buy three quarters of a kilo at my butcher shop for less than the menu price of one steak.

drinks are average, a gin and tonic goes for 75,000, 50,000 for a lemonade.
wine only by the bottle, usual collection of overpriced culprits from Chile, 600,000 dong plus if you want a decent plonk.

finally, the raison d'etre for being a steak house is the steak and this is where the main disappointment is. while not being extravagant and arrogant like Jackson's and other high end steak houses (a million dong plus for a steak?!), Moo Beef Steak does advertise a great dining experience that doesn't materialize. Steaks, as mentioned, are too thin, not grilled enough (where's the charcoal taste?) and just too pricey for the portion/weight. You can get a better size, thicker and better value at any Al Fresco's and a lot more variety if you are a meat lover.

dinner for two (no appetizers/soup) with one lemonade and a bia hanoi came to just under 800,000 dong, a bit steep for what was overall a dinner that did not meet expectations.

waiters speak reasonable English, service depends on how busy the place is, floor manager apologized for delays. so-so experience and very much par for the Moo Beef Steak chain course.

MarkHanoi83 on Moo Beef Steak (Royal City)
December 1st, 2013 at 5:02 pm

Went to Moo's this Sunday afternoon for Lunch with 3 others. Setting and seating is nice, and the little sign of all levels of "done-ness" of steaks is nice, as it puts the pressure on the restaurant to correctly deliver what was ordered.

I had the tenderloin Wellington style, my wife the Rip eye with rosmary/red-wine sauce, one of my friends that froie grass and one had some kind of pasta.

- Food is good
- Place has a nice interiour
- Prices listed for drinks seems to be normal, not overpriced

Negative points
- The froie grass came first, 2 minutes later the pasta and by the time the froie grass was finished, the two stakes arrived. That sucks. Main-course should be served to all at the same time, and in a nearly empty place that should not be rocket-science.

The price was OK for the quality of the food. It's not cheap to eat here, but not very overpriced either. I liked the food better then Al Fresco's and the price better then Jackson's.

In in all I'd give it a solid 3-stars, 4 if the serving main-courses at the same time and 5 if you get a little more meat for your money.

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