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Name: Altamoda Wedding Photo Studio
Address: 2 Tran Nhan Tong, Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi

Directions: At the intersection of Pho Hue and Tran Nhan Tong, across the street from Cho Hom (the fabric market)

Phone: (+84) (0)2439439148
21.01674326508389 105.85164941847324
Description: Một cửa hàng áo váy cưới trên phố Trần Nhân Tông
Rating: 1 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 1 reviews.

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MapleLeaf (elite user)
MapleLeaf on Altamoda Wedding Photo Studio
January 1st, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Probably the worst experience I've had in the 3 years I've lived in Hanoi.
My fiancee and I went there to have our wedding photos taken.

1) Looking through their photo galleries, we found one photographer whose photos we liked, and we were assured he'd be our photographer. He wasn't. They later admitted the photographer we wanted works in the Da Lat studio

2) The photographer we got was from China. He couldn't speak English, and couldn't understand Vietnamese. He could give minimal instructions in Vietnamese, but couldn't understand anyone that tried to talk to him in Vietnamese.

3) We chose this studio because they had many dresses my fiancee wanted to wear for our outdoor photoshoot and they assured us she could wear them to the Citadel and Hoan Kiem Lake. Of course, on the day on the shoot, they refused to let her wear the dresses she had chosen outside.

4) Over the last year, my fiancee and I had found numerous examples of photos that we wanted taken (such as photos that were blurry, photos that focused on parts of the bride/groom other than their face, etc). The photographer refused to look at them.

5) The photographer refused to allow us to see the photos as he took them, so we couldn't tell if we were smiling nicely, blinking during the photo, or looking sweet.

6) We spent 1 hour at Hoan Kiem Lake, and the photographer took photos of us in 3 different spots. 14 photos. In 1 hour, he only took 14 photos. I was blinking in 1 of them, and in 3, strangers were in the photos. ("He'll just photoshop them out," we were told, by someone who clearly doesn't understand that you can't just photoshop a person out of a photo.)

7) We asked for 1 large B&W photo on silk and 1 large colour on wood. They made 2 large B&W photos on wood "mistake".

8) We asked for 1 small copy of photo 26 and 2 small copies of photo 33 and got the opposite.

9) They refused to give us RAW or TIFF copies of the photos and I had to get visibly angry, before they would give us poor quality JPEGs of the photos so we could allow her parents (who live 8 hours from Hanoi) to choose which photos they wanted. The day before they had assured us we would be given JPEGs of the pictures to show her parents.

10) We were very clear: we didn't want ANY writing in our wedding book. Instead, we got inane writing "The true emotion of Romance is the love of wedding..."

11) They mistyped our NAMES in our wedding book.

12) Some photos were shot in colour, but they changed them into black and white without asking us before adding them to the book. When we asked for those pictures to be included as colour photographs instead, they refused.

13) We were leaving for her hometown at 10 pm one evening, and 3 days earlier had made arrangements to check over a rough draft of the wedding book in the "mid-afternoon" of our last day in Hanoi. We arrived at 1 pm, the draft wasn't ready; we returned at 5, the draft wasn't ready; we stayed until 8:00 pm, and the draft never came. The shop kept telling us ridiculous lies, like "the driver's stuck in traffic" (at 5:00 pm), "The internet is slow" (at 5:30 pm), the driver emailed the wrong store (at 6:00 pm), etc.

14) Another woman came to collect her wedding DVD. They were supposed to have given her the DVD 2 weeks earlier, and this was the 4th time she'd come to collect the DVD.

15) The staff said they hadn't been paid in 3 months.

16) They have a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop on their computers.

17) When we arrived at Hoan Kiem Lake, my fiancee was in a white dress. She was supposed to wear an ao dai at the lake, but it hadn't arrived yet. We thought it would be nice, while we waited, for the photographer to take photos of us by the lake, with my fiancee in the dress. He refused and just sat on a park bench until her ao dai arrived.

18) The staff were friendly, helpful and accommodating, up until the point we paid our first deposit (about 50%). Then they stopped being helpful, and starting insisting that all the requests we had were impossible.

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