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Name: Viet Fighter Gym
Address: 44 Au Co, Tây Hồ, Hanoi
Phone: 01638923378
21.06210912459441 105.83272936524202
Description: A fitness center specializing in mixed martial arts.

History: Previously located at 1 Ngo 119 Duong Nuoc Phan Lan .

Rating: 3.67 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 15 reviews.

IEC-Isay English Center System

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12 Dong Me Street, Me Tri Ward, Từ Liêm, Hanoi

0982 790869

15 Reviews (Followed by 7 users)
Moses on Viet Fighter Gym
April 22nd, 2016 at 6:27 am

I decided to write this review as I noticed that the one below is very negative, and things have changed a lot since then.

I started at Viet Fighter around 6 months ago. I do strength and conditioning mainly. Long, the manager, owner and principal trainer of these classes, pushed me hard and got me fit, but, yes was a bit of an a**hole sometimes, and seemed bored. He was extremely knowledgeable, and did seem to care about the world of fitness, but he really didn't know how to communicate with people there, wasn't supportive and often walked off to play with his phone.

Around four months ago though, Long left. He literally disappeared. One day he was training us, the next he was gone. He returned to NZ and sold Vietfighter to someone else. The new trainer was a guy called Javier, from USA. He would now be the manager and our trainer. That day he kicked our ass in S&C and has continued to do so ever since. He turned up that day with a notepad and our training all planned out - something I then realised Long never did. He created sessions with a lot more variety than we were used to, which made it easier and harder at the same time. He was, and is, positive, supportive and encouraging, without being an a**hole about it and without leaving people with the feeling that Long used to. Always looking for new ideas and exercises, Javier has pushed us a lot in recent months and made the atmosphere of the gym more welcoming.

The owner Viet and Javier have also developed the gym. Since Crossfit left (they worked downstairs) there's an actual muay thai/boxing ring and they've bought a lot more bars and plates for general use. They have installed lockers as well.

Overall it's far, far better. Better workouts, better vibe, better equipment. At the moment, (22-4-2016) there is a trainer from NZ doing exercises and routines that are even more intense. I think he'll be leaving a lot of knowledge behind when he goes.

You can clearly see I love the place, so I guess I'm a little bias. I wanted to write this though because the last review just isn't fair anymore and if people are reading that and deciding not to go then they're missing out.

jdshelby on Viet Fighter Gym
October 29th, 2015 at 5:22 am

I am a member of Crossfit Tay Ho and I am also a BJJ Blue Belt.The facilities are good, but Long is an a**hole. His ego is suffocating, which can lead to a very unpleasant experience. I may or may not have gotten into a shouting match with him over something trivial, which may or may not have ended in threats of violence should I ever come "back through that gate". Let's just say that getting my money back, which I intend to do, could be a very educational and humbling experience for one us.

Our confrontation began when he perceived that I had challenged him about something (using a weight bench). This obviously did not go well.
If you know very little about fitness, you will probably improve. And I mean very little; this guy was recommending that people eat more carbs to lose weight (lol). But if you know enough to challenge him, expect problems. I sincerely wonder if he's running an aggressive steroid or something that is having a negative effect on his brain. I've met jits people on 3 continents, and I've never met a single person so unlikeable or less jiu-jitsu-like in my entire life. I would post unflattering words and profanity, if only to immortalize my dislike, but it's more important that people actually see this message.

Liv7 on Viet Fighter Gym
January 18th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

I had never done martial arts before I went for one lesson of kickboxing - the lesson itself seemed pretty good.

Unfortunately the entire experience was spoiled by the instructor's attitude. Towards the end of the class one student questioned him on burpee technique and I was pretty shocked by how he completely bulldozed her opinion and asserted that he was the instructor and we do as he says (that other reviewer is spot on about 'gulag style'). When she said she was actually a fitness instructor in Australia with 20yrs of experience he said something like 'you probably taught fitness classes for girls' and challenged her by saying 'how many kickboxing championships have YOU won?'.

I felt like that kind of sexism shouldn't just go by so I emailed him afterwards saying that I enjoyed the class but was disappointed by the disrespect he showed to that lady. In return I got a barrage of very childish emails.

I'm only in Hanoi occasionally by I definitely wouldn't go there again. Not only because of the lack of respect he showed to that lady and the sexist comment. Also because I wouldn't trust the judgement of someone who responds so irrationally when people challenge or question him. I don't want to end up with an injury because this guy is convinced he knows best and anyone else is wrong.

umop-apisdn on Viet Fighter Gym
December 4th, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Mr Viet Fighter, aka Long, knows a lot about exercise. However, with the sarcasm of a petulant teenager and a motivational approach borrowed from a North Korean gulag, interactions with him end up being far more painful than the workouts themselves.

Lesser irritants include the air con never being used (or being so ineffective as to be worthless), the odd music (think struggling hipster cafe) and sweat towels not being compulsory, meaning a workout involves splashing through literal PUDDLES of other peoples sweat.

The concept of the workouts is good (intense full body training using weights suited to your current level) but until Mr Long sorts out at least some of the above I'd rather return to risking death by Hanoi pavement and save my dong.

leeman on Viet Fighter Gym
December 25th, 2013 at 8:59 am


Where to begin, the owner is a self absorbed tyrant not really interested in teaching a "whole" approach to fighting, seems only to be interested in his point of view. The gym itself is not well done, no towels no AC used makes it difficult to workout at times. Maybe that's why it's out of business??

Anyway, I'm a big guy at 1.79m & 110kg and not in this little owner guys weight class, if I were, would be fair to say he is in need of a lesson in manors and would teach him to respect others opinions about their own workouts.

Note to Long - winning a few local kickboxing events does not make you a tuff guy, you have a poor attitude and should not be an owner of a gym as you do not posses the intelligence to do so.

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