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bitty on True Color Tour
January 28th, 2010 at 7:03 pm

I am so tired! Tired from running, but not a fitness run, not a marathon, but from a Visa run (never heard of a visa run before?!).
Like many ex-pats living here, I also had a visa problem, my school kept trying to renew my visa, and they had been trying so hard (b.s.) for so long that when they finally gave it back to me, my visa had already expired for 8 days!!! All they could say was, "sorry for that." I was freaking out, running around to ask people what to do. At the travel agencies, each one had different info and the prices were all over the place. Luckily, that night when I had dinner at My Burger My, I talked to Lay, the lady there, and, with a snap of her fingers she had it all organized for me. She arranged for me a 3 month visa approval letter with flight tickets to Bangkok and back for just over $200 bucks.
Everything went off as planned and I had a great time, ate a lot of spicy food and drank too much but that is my own fault; didn’t spend too much on shopping though, although it was tempting; a lot of window shopping. I am, however, now the proud owner of a new 3-month Vietnam visa.
There are only 2 things that went wrong with this trip, but I could not blame it on anyone but myself; one was by drinking too much and having too much fun, I only realized my plane was going to take off in only 1 1/2 hours! I was supposed to be at the airport already! So I called her, no problem, I was on a plane the next day, and my visa was still waiting for me as well.
Second thing, and that was the most funny/embarrassing thing I have had to do, before I could get on the plane to Bangkok, I nearly had to kneel down in front of one sun glasses-wearing, cigarette-smoking, bald, pseudo-official to bow like you do in front of Thailand’s king, forced to say, “I am sorry that I broke the rule, I promise that I will never dare to overstay again”. I was very charming (He let me go), but I guess I was not charming enough coz nearly 2 million of my poor hard-earned Dong stayed with him.
Bottom line. It was fun, but don’t overstay and don’t drink too much. If you need visa help or someone to organize your run, be sure to check this place out. Thanks Lay!!!