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Newman (elite user)
Newman on Pico Plaza
January 7th, 2010 at 8:56 am

Pico Plaza is one of those places you probably often walk past and ask yourself "I wonder what it's like?". Well, darned good, is the answer I will give.

Having spent a while trying to buy a printer/scanner, I dropped in here to see if they had what I wanted, what price they offered etc. It is a fairly compact electronics centre, with communications stuff (mobile phones, faxes etc) on the ground floor, TVs etc up the escalator, and computers and peripherals upstairs again. Whilst not having the scale and spread of some other places, it does stock a wide range of brands and options for most consumer electronics you would look for.

I headed for the top floor and had a look around. Good range of gear, including Apple for those bent that way. Anyway, I did not immediately see what I was after. No problem. I was shortly engaged by a charming and polite gentleman who asked me what I was looking for. I explained I wanted a laser printer/scanner for home use. He knew exactly what I meant and lead me to the machine I have previously determined would meet my needs. The price was great so I decided to buy. Here is where the great service kicked in!

Having already been impressed that I was not hounded, but approached by this knowledgable staff member, the guy then asked where I lived and offered, yes offered, to have the printer delivered and installed for me - for free! Becoming super-impressed now.

Now, one of the main reasons I was at a big store was to get credit card facilities. I have found many smaller stores are cash only, completely understandable, but it makes sense for me to use a credit card for now. These guys have, as you would expect, full facilities and the transaction went without a hitch! We agreed that they would deliver the printer at 6pm and I left.

I received a call from the same guy around 5pm to ask if it would be OK to come at 7pm or so. It was just fine so we agreed again. Bang on 7pm the guy showed up with the printer, in a LARGE box (so glad I didn't try and taxi it...). He came in and then spent the next half hour setting up and installing everything for me, including a full demo of its capabilities. Fantastic. He then informed me that they do a local warranty service, to keep all the dockets (he brought with him a special docket for that purpose) and that if anything goes wrong to bring the machine in and they will look after me. I could not ask for anything more - the guy who enagaged me in the store is the same guy who came out to do the install. Nice.

Nice store, good range of products, GREAT service instore and after hours. What a great experience. When I go TV hunting shortly, Pico Plaza will be my store of choice.