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Derek on The showers at UNIS
September 17th, 2008 at 5:45 pm

After partaking in some afternoon sports at UNIS last Saturday (where the choices were frisbee, rugby, football or some other weird game like football but where people seem to not only kick the ball but also punch it with their wrists – the people there said it was called gaylick football, or something like that), and because I was going out straight on the town afterwards, I decided, for the first time, to use the showers in the men’s toilets next to the basketball court.

I can tell you now that these are the best communal showers I have ever encountered in my life (obviously excluding the ones I had at boarding school, but that’s another story). Aside from having your own cubicle, with a lockable door, what makes these special is the sheer power of the shower, which makes the dirt and grime come off your skin without really needing soap at all (which is just as well, because they don’t provide soap anyway). The temperature handle is also pretty good, with really smooth transitions between refreshing cold and steaming hot. And if you forgot your towel, there are plenty of hand-driers around.

So if anyone else plays sports at UNIS on a weekend, I recommend that you bring a towel, shampoo and soap and a change of clothes and jump straight into the shower afterwards. See you there!

(By the way, there are also ladies showers, but obviously I can’t review them as I’m not allowed in. But they are probably just as good)