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CharlesH on Medlatec
February 26th, 2020 at 5:07 am

Professional, economic, and fast!

I wanted a blood test (to send to my Doctor; I didn't need to see a Doctor)
so I asked for a home visit via their webpages:
I got a call back a short while later (by someone who spoke English).
She arranged a visit for the next day (gave me a half-hour window). (Didn’t need it urgently).
The medical technician who came was professional and courteous. He arrived within the half-hour that was arranged. He came with complete kit and he had an individualized sealed pack of everything that was needed for taking my blood (including gloves and a plaster). It took about 10 minutes.
All this cost VND186,000
(obviously the cost depends on what tests you want done; this is probably at the cheap end).
I got the results less than two hours later by email. (They promised them three hours later).
They can come by email, on the website, or to their app on my phone.
Useful to know: The English part of their website is not well-maintained (broken links, not up-to-date). The Vietnamese side of their website is great. Using that in Chrome with Google Translate works fine. They clearly have English speaking staff if you call; the technician they send may only speak Vietnamese. (They did not reply to email, but responded very quickly to my enquiry via their website).

(I also tried the expat’s favorite: Family Medical
… yes, they could do the tests,
… no, they didn’t answer my question about the cost,
… because, they wouldn’t do anything without me first booking a consultation with a doctor (cost $53 = VND1,250,000) despite me telling them I already had a Doctor who had asked for the tests).