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Phiphi8 on E-connect Vietnam
September 21st, 2018 at 1:26 am

Honestly, last year I was very close to writing a bad review after leaving the company. However, I am back working for the Hai Duong branch after completing an entire school year.

The reason I have come back is because this branch specifically is under new management. He is a South African man who knows what we want/ need because he has been a teacher for a long time. He's listened to our grievances and has really made some drastic changes.

It wouldn't shock me to see some people coming on for a 3rd year. We have a total of 5 returning staff members from last year's 8.

Last year there were some big issues. I agree with some of the statements mentioned above and those were the reasons I was going to leave with a bad taste in my mouth. They're no longer issues since the branch has had its year of growing pains (yes we did have to stay in a unsavoury hotel while they renovated. But now we stay in a pretty modern building with a LOT of issues resolved - I love my room now.)

The contract is probably the best one will get in Vietnam for day time only hours and we actually enjoy ourselves here. We're even revamping the food menu to our liking!

I think interested parties should check out the Hai Duong branch (I can't say much about the others).