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address icon 17 Vệ Hồ, Xuân La, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

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This is a great place to rent a reliable bike. The staff are very helpful and were able to help anytime I had an issue. Andrew has been upgrading his shop. He has lots of returning customers for...

SieteCielos on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
July 22nd, 2013 at 8:21 am

Soon after buying my motorbike (from a private party, not VIP Bikes) it started having problems. It seems the seller had concealed a few 'issues'. I brought it in for repairs at VIP Bikes based on their good reviews, but was honestly thinking, it's just a repair shop, right? However, they are much more than that. I have been extremely pleased with their service. They do quality work and help support a social cause.

Every time I have brought it in for repairs or a tune-up they have given me accurate estimates, shown me the parts they replaced (if any), and wash the bike. To top it off, the last time my bike would not start so I couldn't bring it into their shop. VIP Bikes sent out two technicians to my house and proceeded to work on it here until they could get it started. They then brought it back to the shop, fixed the part in question, and delivered it back to me the following morning. Now that is what I call good service. Andrew and his staff do a great job and deserve all the business that they can get.