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This is a great place to rent a reliable bike. The staff are very helpful and were able to help anytime I had an issue. Andrew has been upgrading his shop. He has lots of returning customers for...

Grant (elite user)
Grant on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
July 14th, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Well the bike had been running rough and I suspected the plug was fouled up and then the original battery gave out. My wife emailed Andrew with instructions to fix up the above and change the oil and repair the horn plus anything else he thought necessary.

Came back all done plus brake fluid and diff oil. Washed impeccably as well as some tyre puncture sealer added to both tyres. Actually thought the tyre goo was a bit over the top until I thought about it for a split second more. Great idea. Picked up and delivered to and from home.

Can't ask for better than that. Spot on.

Almost forgot. Found a copy of "Word" magazine placed under the seat which was a nice touch.