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buddhasack on Namaste Hanoi (Moved)
September 20th, 2012 at 9:24 pm

My girlfriend and I ate at Namaste tonight after reading reviews and hearing from numerous people that the food was excellent.

It's more than that. I believe that this place is simply special. We have eaten Indian food in cities all over the world big and small, some are memorable and others were forgettable as well as few regrettable. Namaste is not only memorable but now on the top of not only Indian food lists, but ranks amongst the best restaurants I have been.

The service was exceptional and the food was a perfectly seasoned medley of spices that stretched my waistline beyond comfort due to not being able to stop. It is obvious the ingredients are fresh.

This is just the start. The owner Gobi came up to us and spent time to talk to us. That's right US... not just me, but also my girlfriend. He was respectful and remembered our names. This is remarkable in of itself… as I am sure he remembers everyone’s name he comes in contact with in the restaurant. I felt as if I was a friend's house eating and talking about our lives. He told us about his passion of owning a restaurant and providing great service. He also mentioned that many of his staff have worked for him for over a decade. This speaks volumes about a place. If someone treats his staff right, they in turn treat the customer right. Gobi is not about the bottom line in his profits as he is bottom line in his ethics, customer service and how he treats people. This in turn affects his profit's bottom line I am sure as it should. This is a place I will gladly give my business.

It is not only refreshing to meet someone like Gobi, but rare. I have always believed that if you have a passion for what you do... the product is excellent and Namaste does not disappoint. I feel fortunate to find a place like this and will frequent the restaurant again and again.