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Davey1 on Phung Motorbike
May 15th, 2012 at 3:37 pm

This guy is amazing! I have been seeking someone to restore my much loved sport Minsk for at least 2yrs and found no one I would trust - I had sadly neglected her after having attempted to get repairs which often had resulted in further breakage and problems...

A friend recommended Phung after he had restored/tarted up an average Sym to look like a pretty decent bike! To be fair the Sym was new, though ugly, so less of a challenge than a Minsk... which even when new are old and are permanently ugly.

This guy came to my house 9am precisely as agreed, we discussed what needed doing (see list below) which was quite a lot including rapidly advancing rust and many many bits falling off or held on by among other things sticky tape, silicon gel, varied bolts, nuts and self-taping screws, random wire the usual sh*te used to fix Minsk. He said he'd do all of it no problem (including things I had been told 2-3 times couldn't be fixed such as exhaust manifold slowly falling off engine block)... I sort of didn't believe him but the bike was almost useless so I figured what was there to lose!

About 10 days later he returned it as agreed after emailing me the quote to confirm it was OK... price was as quoted (in fact lower end of quote) and list of fixes as agreed plus some bits we hadn't checked but definitely needed doing.

the Minsk now works like a dream, the exhaust hasn't once fallen off and the fumes only come out the end they are supposed to, there are 90% fewer rattles and shakes from it, the engine block has been welded back on (of 5 connectors, only 1 had remained) and is now rock solid (I had assumed it was supposed to rock side-to-side, but no!), the rust removed, resprayed and paint work shinny, ALL old oil removed from outside of bike (an incredible achievement), electrics tarted up and tidy and even an additional "indicator beeper" which though a little annoying at least makes it a bit safer... of course, I never bothered asking for the brake light to work as I have never seen a Minsk with a working one, in fact, not sure ur supposed to brake on Minsk, just drive over things. He also rebuilt gear box so there is now "acceleration" from first, I hadn't even realised there was a lack of it until he gave me the "power back".

Only issue I had was a chip in the new paint work and at speed the fuel feed seems sketchy - he will come and take the bike and fix both problems!

Service?! I think so! Maybe not the cheapest (total bill 4.3mil - about same as I bought bike for!) but definitely reliable, quality work with someone who wants to do the work and is interested in customer service.


I am so happy I am now considering other "old" bikes which I had previously assumed were pointless given how hard it is to find a decent mechanic.

Oh yeah, and he speaks more than enough English for bike repairs and is friendly/smiley to boot.