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This is a great place to rent a reliable bike. The staff are very helpful and were able to help anytime I had an issue. Andrew has been upgrading his shop. He has lots of returning customers for...

mderking on VIP Bikes Social Enterprise
September 20th, 2011 at 12:41 pm

Let me be one of the first to give a non-5 star review.

I've been to the shop to make an appointment, but Andrew was not present. Then by phone and e-mail try to found out when I can come back for the repair and what the costs will be.

After a few reminders mails and phonecalls I got half a quote on after about 2 weeks.

Quoted price of 300K for oil and 90K and hour are on the high side, so I decided to look elswhere. Oil change came in at 85K including oil and hours elswhere.

Afterworths I took a other bike (my Yamaha) to the Yamaha dealer. Had the carb cleaned, one part replaced of the carb, sparkplug, rear light, engine oil, dif-oil, brake fluid, front brake pads, rear brakes pads. This 2hr job costed 70K in wages and 760K in parts at the official Yamaha Dealer.

My conclusion is that prices are high (guessing they are aiming for western clientèle) and that contact/planning wise it could use a big improvement.

I fully trust that the work being done here is great and the parts used are magical, so I give it 3 stars, but based on price and organization I cannot make it more.

EDIT: After getting some fails and private messages, let me clarify on the review:
1) A review is about a personal opinion. You do not need to agree. That is why you read many reviews. You take the few that you believe and based on that decide if you go there or not

2) I know this is a charity, I do not say he is doing a bad job, or that is not a nice guy. But the review we (or atleast I) am doing here, is the review of a MOTORBIKE-SHOP. And for a motorbike shop, I feel the customer contact was not great and the quoted prices are high. Hence as a motorbike shop, I give it 3 stars. That he uses the extra money for the kids, is nice for reviewing him as a charaty, but as a Customer of a Motorbike shop, it is basicly irrelevant.

So my review of the shop as a MOTORBIKESHOP stands and stays at the 3-stars. I did not edit the above post, I only added this comment.