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PurpleG on Khazaana Indian Halal Restaurant
December 17th, 2010 at 9:09 am

I love the food at this place, but have had to stop ordering because their delivery service sucks.

My first bad experience was when I ordered, asked how long it would be and was told 40 minutes. When I called them an hour later to check on my order, they told me it was on its way, were very rude about not keeping to their order time, and I had to wait. The food finally arrived 20 minutes later (40 mins after the quoted time) and I had to send it back as I was going out. I hate wasting food, this did nt make me a happy bunny!

Thought I'd give them another go - after all, everyone can have a bad day. A friend wanted to order for about 20 people for her leaving party. I placed the order, no problems. 10 minutes later, I was called back and the girl told me "We do not sell samosas." Wtf? An Indian restaurant with no samosas? After getting someone more senior on the phone, we established they DO sell samosas, and the order was repeated to me. Hurrah - we awaited our food. But, 'twas not to be, they called back another 4 TIMES - to check the order, to change the order and then finally to tell me the security guards at my friend's apartment would not let them in. I offered to go to the gate to meet them, "No, they are still at the restaurant." So an absolute pack of lies to perhaps allow them to delay delivery even further.

I thought I would give them one final go the other night. Called and the guy who answered the pone said he was on another call and would call back, fine, a good example of customer service. needless to say, he didn't call back. I called him, and he was essentially pretty damn rude, and just came up with a bunch of excuses.

Enough now, get your delivery service sorted and I would order again. If the order is going to take a long time, tell someone as soon as you pick up the phone. It's not hard, try this, "Hi, we're very busy at the moment, please be advised all orders are taking a minimum of XX minutes." See, it's not that difficult, and people would be eternally grateful!