Dear friends
The GLCC-DONATIONS-held trip is expected to be from May 8th to 10th (Friday-Sunday).
By joining it you will help us save some costs of transporting supplies to impoverished children up to mountains.
It includes:
1/ tree planting event in the interest of the environment under a project rewarded by the US embassy.
2/ visiting a boarding school for H'mong children in a poorest of the poor community.
3/ bringing donations such as a wheelchair to a four year old H'mong disabled orphan, who is suffering a rare disease. Her parents were both killed by a flash flood two years ago,
It's a rare chance to discover nature and people in a place which CNN rates as among 20 top colourful destinations.
1/ trekking forests or terraced fields which are silvering in the waterfall season in the sunshine.
2/ doing a loop through one of the four highest pass in Vietnam.
3/ going deep inside rainforests, a sanctuary of two endangered wildlives in the world
4/ visiting a multi-hundred year old tea hill and doing barbecue there.
5/ enjoying cultural exchange with local tribes though folk song and dance performances around campfires.
6/ A food tour of tribal specialties.
Limited seats
First come, first serve,
Cost sharing, less than 100 USD.
Thanks for reading
Pls drop a comment if you have any questions.
To register, pls fill the form in the link below…/1FAIpQLSfUqhsTsDV7xDEzq…/viewform…
Thank you

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