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I am a local expat English teacher and IT specialist with an online business teaching online in Vietnam. You can see my ads here onsite.

I have had a banking problem and need to be able to recieve money from my online customers in the provinces. Al that is required is someone with an ATM.

I need to be able to have my customers send money to your account. With your ATM, you verify the money has arrived, withdraw it and keep 100,000 for every 750,000 that is sent. I than meet you at your convenience wherever you like.

I currently only have one weekly customer and expect more. This would be a weekly meet-up.


The FB job is to advertize for me to get more customers. Keep in mind you get 100,000 for every 750,000 I make (a 1.5 hour class is 750,000), So more students for me means more banking commissions for you. If I have ten jobs, you get 1,000,000vnd. This could be quite lucrative.

The goal is to set up classes for the many in the provinces who are unable to study at school due to covid. There should be a big demand and the help of a local on social media would be a great benefit.

message or call me for full information and please do check out my other ads here onsite.

Thanks. Stay healthy!

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Posted on Thursday, March 26 by fritz



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