Most of Vietnamese people really like foreigners, so once you know some basic phrases, and are able to communicate in Vietnamese, you will find that nearly all Vietnamese people will open up and enjoy sharing their culture with you. Let me start with you for this interesting experience :)
Hi, my name is Quynh.
I am a Vietnamese language teacher with 5 years of teaching experience. I always enjoy teaching Vietnamese since it brings me a great chance to help foreigners to understand more our culture, people and country. Also, I used to travel all around Vietnam and used to live in the UK for a year so I understand how exciting to travel and learn a different new culture.
In the lesson with me, you will learn:
- Vietnamese alphabet and tone,
- Vietnamese personal pronouns,
- How to greet,
- How to order in a shop,
- Some suggested Vietnamese foods and places,
- Numbers and Vietnamese money,
- How to ask the taxi driver to take you to the location you want,
- Some essential Vietnamese phrases that will help you to survival in Vietnam.
- etc. (if you need a specific topic, feel free to ask )
The lesson will focus on speaking and daily conversation, so you will talk, repeat and read aloud a lot in Vietnamese so that I can fix your pronunciation and give you some tips to pronounce Vietnamese correctly.
In addition, you can own the lesson FOREVER as I will send you the online lesson by email, and you can review it anytime you want. Also, you can get a list of 50 Essential Holiday Vietnamese phrases and some Vietnam Travel & Culture tips for FREE.

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