I.T. services to your door. Consultations are free. All OSs supported.

Many services available by an overqualified American IT specialist.

Here are just some of examples the services I offer...

Computer setup options include:

Windows installation (all versions).
Windows/Linux dualboot installation.
Linux OS installation > All Linux supported.

Network setup and configuration options include:

Network setup for homes/businesses. All routers supported.
Specialized network setups for...
higher security.
ease of use.

Software installation, setup, customization and configuration.

Full software library. Everything available.

Computers/Networks fixxed

Able to save data from computers with broken Windows.
Data can than be cleaned and replaced on the fresh install.

Network problems traced and corrected.

Lost passwords changed for routers and most mobile devices.

Data saved for most Windows with "blue screen" death.


Custom Linux-based OSs for special purposes created:

Minimalist OSs made to be fast.
Gateway setups to filter all traffic on a network.
Linux gaming machines able to emulate Windows and other game consoles.
Torrent servers, encoding staions, multimedia stations, coding stations...
Custom programs written for repetitive tasks created and intigrated.


Training! I can also train others in any of these tasks.

'The Command Line' aka BASH.
How to do everything without Google and Better.
Talking/writing code. #How to explain the code in your scripts.
Home-schooling for kids able to afford that step up.
How to setup/use/optimise torrents.
Linux programming station setup for a perfect coder's environment.
English for IT.

Thsnk you for reading. Call me anytime. :)

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