Dr Fresh 3-layer Nano Silver mask - Defense Economic Technical Industry Coporation/ Ministry of Defense:

Corona virus prevention - Kill bacteria - Deodorize - Dust filter

Check product quality and franchise: Institute of Environmental Technology and Climate Change
Hotline: 0988556960

Exclusive distributor: Factory 197 - Corporation of Industrial Engineering and Defense
Hotline: 0967468888

I. Uses
- Kill 99% of bacteria and viruses through breathing
- Effective prevention against Corona virus
- Deodorize, filter toxic gas, filter dust, protect face
- Products of Generation I have been used effectively in SARS prevention in 2003
II. Active ingredient
Silver nano and other active ingredients which have bactericidal effects
III. The certification
- Dr Fresh silver nano mask is checked and licensed by Institute of Environmental Technology and Climate Change - VUSTA, capable of killing 99% of bacteria, viruses
- Dr Fresh mask has been tested and certified for quality at the National Institute of Drug Quality Control and the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City.

• To avoid buying fake and counterfeit ones, please carefully check:
On each product, there is a stamp affirming the "Silver Nano Products" stamped by the Institute of Environmental Technology and Climate Change.

Price: 56.000 vnd / piece
(Same as for everyone and as usual on the box )
Good price so pls pay for the ship to your place.

P.s U also can find this mask in several normal supermarkets.

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